Seoul Semiconductor Expands Its Business Through SunLike Natural Sunlight Spectrum LED Technology Patents and Business Rights Transfer

  • Circadian Rhythm (24-hour cycle) identified by the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  • Acquired all SunLike technology for natural light source jointly developed with Toshiba Materials in Japan: To expand investment and business
  • Experimental results that SunLike has possibility of helping prevent myopia and improving memory will be announced

ANSAN, South Korea--()--Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 046890), a leading global innovator of LED products and technology, announced that it expects to expand its business of SunLike natural sunlight spectrum LED technology optimized for natural human biological rhythm which has 24-hour cycle, as the transfer of patent rights and business rights of SunLike LED technology has been completed from Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd. (CEO Katsuaki Aoki, Yokohama), which has jointly developed SunLike technology. The global LED lighting sales market is estimated at USD 5 billion as of now.

Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba Materials were jointly involved in the development and release of SunLike in 2017, which has needed investment to further expand stable production and sales. As a result of continuous consultations between the two companies over the past two years to improve the speed of decision and operational efficiency for the SunLike business, Seoul Semiconductor has acquired all technologies, patents, trademarks, etc. related to SunLike, the light most similar to sunlight. Key workers from Toshiba Materials also joined Seoul Semiconductor, and they will begin efforts to expand sales from September.

SunLike is a LED technology that reproduces the sunlight spectrum (all natural colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue and navy) curve. This is a new conceptual light source optimized for human circadian rhythm by implementing the same wavelength as natural light. Human daily cycle (Body Clock) and solar cycle (24-hour cycle) are different. The sunlight initializes the start of the day to reset the human body's daily rhythm, allowing for a good health, sleep, and memory.

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was also awarded to three PhDs who identified circadian rhythms. While the spectrum of products that many lighting companies promote as Human Centric Light, or HCL, is simply lowering the blue light peak, SunLike implements the light closest to the sunlight spectrum. Seoul Semiconductor has conducted memory and learning comparison experiments in the U.S, Europe and Korea and myopia prevention experiments in Singapore, with regard to the use of lighting with SunLike technology for the last three years, and will announce the results in October 2021 and CES 2022 exhibition.

“It is important to select natural light that has been optimized for human DNA for millions of years, not brightness and low price anymore. With SunLike technology, Seoul Semiconductor believe that the technology supports to reduce myopia and helps people fall a sleep well at night when cells are regenerated. Also, by returning the sunlight of nature to mankind, we will become the protagonists of a new history of light,” said Chung Hoon Lee, CEO of Seoul Semiconductor.

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