IntelyCare Adds Renowned Nursing Advocate, Entrepreneur Rebecca Love to Executive Leadership Team

Love, founder of and the first nurse to be featured on, will help IntelyCare implement innovative ways to better the lives of the nursing professionals it employs

QUINCY, Mass.--()--IntelyCare, the largest staffing platform for nursing professionals seeking per-diem positions, today announced that it has added Rebecca Love as chief clinical officer. The founder of, Love is regarded as a pioneer in developing technology solutions that benefit nursing professionals. She is also one of the country’s most prominent advocates for nurses, with her 2018 TEDx Talk marking the first address by a nurse to be featured on the main platform.

At IntelyCare, Love will act as a company evangelist for the nursing professionals it employs, giving them a louder voice by identifying the issues they face and advocating for ways to overcome them. She will also oversee clinical operations and compliance.

“Too many nurses are suffering from burnout and leaving the profession every day. I think we’ve dealt with nurses for too long in an antiquated way, and we need to empower them so they can own their career,” Love said. “If we don't figure out how to retain nurses, allow them more flexibility with their schedules, and bring them back to the bedside, we’ll see people who need 24/7 care go without.”

Studies show that nurses are exiting the profession at a rapid rate, and the pandemic dramatically aggravated the problem. The country’s shortage of registered nurses is expected to soon reach 1.1 million. The causes of the exodus have been traced to too many long shifts, lack of control over schedules, and a general feeling that nurses' needs are being ignored. Love said she joined IntelyCare because of the company leadership’s dedication to partnering with nurses.

“IntelyCare is spearheading the change to put nurses first,” said Love. “I think when the company started it was based on building a platform that met the demands of healthcare, largely nursing homes. And from that, they became experts in really understanding how nurses work, how shifts work, and how scheduling works. I believe IntelyCare will initiate a revolutionary change in the way nurses engage with healthcare systems.”

IntelyCare’s platform uses machine learning algorithms to match its employees, known as IntelyPros, with open shifts at the facilities it partners with. At a time when the healthcare industry at large is overlooking the needs of its nurses, IntelyCare gives them unprecedented control over their schedules. IntelyPros also receive retirement benefits, health insurance, holiday and overtime pay, access to childcare benefits, and 25% higher weekly wages on average. For facilities, the staffing-and-scheduling platform provides the ability to automatically optimize and add staff, leading to the highest shift-fill rate in the industry.

Love's passion has always centered around ways to empower the nursing profession, with the aim of building, scaling, and strengthening nursing's impact on the future of healthcare. She is President of the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders (SONSIEL), a 501-3 Nonprofit founded by leading nurses in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. In partnership with Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft, SONSIEL organizes, the world's largest nursing hackathon. Love also started the nation’s first nurse innovation and entrepreneurship program at the School of Nursing at Northeastern University, is the co-author of two international best-selling books (The Nurses Guide to Innovation and The Rebel Nurse Handbook), and is the host of the Outcomes Rocket Nursing podcast. She will lean on all of her experience to help lead IntelyCare in its mission to solve the workforce shortage by putting the needs of nurses first.

“Rebecca Love is one of the most articulate, imaginative, and straight-talking thought leaders in healthcare and nursing today,” said David Coppins, IntelyCare’s CEO and co-founder. “Not only is she a nurse, the daughter of a nurse, and a former nursing instructor, but she also co-founded and sold the tech company She knows from firsthand experience the role software solutions can play in tackling the most daunting healthcare challenges. We couldn’t be happier that Rebecca has joined our team and will bring her tech know-how and understanding of the nursing profession to IntelyCare.”

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IntelyCare, the largest digital nurse staffing platform in the United States, announced that it has added Rebecca Love as chief clinical officer.

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