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Cupix expands BIM/VDC leadership by integrating with Autodesk Construction Cloud and hiring industry veteran as head of BIM/VDC strategy Cupix

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Cupix expands BIM/VDC leadership by integrating with Autodesk Construction Cloud and hiring industry veteran as head of BIM/VDC strategy

Cupix, the fast-growing pioneer of cutting-edge 3D digital twin solutions for building owners and the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries, today announced the integration of its CupixWorks 2.0 3D digital twin platform with Autodesk® BIM 360® and PlanGrid®, both part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud™.

The new cross-platform integration allows users to import 3D models and plans from Autodesk BIM 360 into CupixWorks, empowering building teams to visualize and easily compare design intent versus as-built conditions.

The integration also streamlines workflows involving requests for information (RFIs), issues and tasks in BIM 360 and PlanGrid; customers can easily create RFIs, issues or tasks from the CupixWorks SiteView annotations menu.

Building teams can now use Cupix’s rich, 3D 360-degree site-view mode to “walk through” job sites remotely, creating RFIs, issues and tasks immediately and assigning them to project stakeholders on the BIM 360 and PlanGrid platforms.

“By integrating 3D models and construction project management features, Cupix empowers general contractors and other building team members across AEC functions to make project decisions with the full benefit of the 3D, 360-degree spatial context that only Cupix provides,” said Cupix CEO and founder Simon Bae. “The integration of Autodesk’s best-in-class construction management platforms with Cupix’s best-in-class 3D digital twin technology is a game changer for construction teams, making them faster and more productive than ever before.”

“It’s rare that designs seamlessly translate to the builds themselves,” said James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “By referencing 3D digital twins to understand how models match reality and collaborate on constructability issues, teams can avoid miscommunications, rework and schedule delays on projects. By integrating with Autodesk Construction Cloud applications, CupixWorks users can ensure they’re working with the most up to date models and construction data to further strengthen project quality.”

Cupix Names Moe Elabdala BIM/VDC Strategy Manager

Along with Cupix’s Autodesk Construction Cloud integration, the company appointed Moe Elabdala as BIM/VDC Strategy Manager. Elabdala brings deep experience assisting organizations with implementing BIM and VDC technologies and processes into their design and construction workflows.

Cupix recently launched CupixWorks 2.0, the industry’s most advanced 3D digital twin platform, enabling building owners, general contractors and project managers to build smarter, transforming any construction site into an easy-to-manage project, and creating value across the entire life cycle of a property. Requiring only a consumer-grade 360-degree camera, CupixWorks 2.0 is the fastest and easiest way to create and share a best-in-class 3D digital twin, whether for a relatively simple commercial building, a highly complex facility, or an external infrastructure project like roads and bridges.

About Cupix:

Cupix’s mission is to empower contractors and owners everywhere to build smart. It offers the industry’s most flexible and easiest-to-deploy 3D digital twin platform for general contractors, owners and property managers. Whether for basic residential and commercial buildings, complex and highly technical facilities, or even roads and infrastructure projects, Cupix’s solutions save time and money, eliminate surprises and empower secure collaboration across the entire lifecycle of any property. Founded in 2015, Cupix is based in San Jose, Calif.

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