CORRECTING and REPLACING What Dexatel Has Achieved in 6 Years as an Estonia-Based Company, including Increased Growth Dexatel

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Dexatel, an online cloud communications platform providing programmable messaging and voice solutions to companies, announces major milestones; the company having accomplished everything so far with zero outside investment.

  • Growth & Dexatel

DNB, the largest Financial Services company, has released Dexatel’s recommended credit amount that started with €6,850 (2015) increased from €106,125 (2019) to €232,950 (2020) with a 220% growth.

Tallinn based, Dexatel, has been a member of the DNB since 2015 and the growth shown is a true testament that they are trustworthy and the dedication that they put into their clients is reciprocated with trust: within 6 years their trust growth has had an increase of 3304.6%.

  • Revenues & Dexatel

Founded and having started with Voice solutions in April of 2015, Dexatel already had a revenue of €0.36m at the end of the year. Within 3 years they showed an annual growth of €2.5m: the company added SMS solutions responsible for the latter.

Dexatel’s revenue was over €5m at the end of 2019 as they’ve added an online platform fit for any business and by the end of 2020, have had revenue of €11m.

The company “invests” back into the company, the team and the technology to ensure consistency in growth.

  • Customers & Dexatel

The company that was founded in a garage currently has a portfolio of 408 customers from around the globe, including such high-end industry names like Alibaba, SAP, Viber, PaySera and Pinngle. Working relentlessly in the midst of the pandemic, they now reap the benefits of additional 22 new interconnections.

Dexatel’s personalized and custom-made platform gives the opportunity to provide products with the most comfortable solutions to businesses of any scale, including large enterprises that can benefit from the product with an easy API integration.

  • Dexatelians and Dexatel

As an international company they’ve adopted remote work since 2018. With headquarters in Estonia and a large office in Armenia, they have Dexatelians working from different parts of the world including France and India. So, the company has been skilled at virtual team buildings and events for a while now. The pandemic may have brought its challenges along, but the team has been growing non-stop and are currently expanding their development team at a lightning speed. They currently have 48 employees but they value quality over quantity, therefore each new member becomes an indispensable part of their family.

  • The Future & Dexatel

Dexatel has no intention of stopping and each moment spent is to take everything to the next level and set goals that will be accomplished with high honors.

The company’s current target for the end of the year is to reach €20m in revenue and €50m in 2024 accordingly. They expand their team with skilled and dedicated professionals and are taking firm steps to their KPIs set since the beginning of the year.


Tatev Ryu Harutyunyan
+374 55345670


Tatev Ryu Harutyunyan
+374 55345670