Apto Solutions Champions a New Era of ITAD Transparency with Release of its 2020 Circularity Report

Upcoming webinar “Exploring recent circular innovations in ITAD: Working towards a closed-loop future” to reveal details of new data-rich study

ATLANTA--()--In an effort to drive scalable and sustainable circularity reporting in the IT Asset Disposition industry with a goal of achieving a world without e-waste, ITAD innovator Apto Solutions announces the release of its 2020 Circularity Report. Part of a year-long effort, the study tracks and maps their recycling processes to help build a better blueprint for circularity.

Findings are both available for download, and will be discussed during Apto’s upcoming webinar “Exploring recent circular innovations in ITAD: Working towards a closed-loop future,” hosted by Apto’s Compliance Officer Caroline Allman and Sr. Vice President of Business Development Chris Re on Aug 4 at 1:30 PM (ET).

The report includes:

  • Transparent view of Apto’s downstream supply chain from collection to circular end product application.
  • Breakdown of Reuse and Recycling data including resource and Carbon Offset savings using the eStewards Global Impact Calculator.
  • Detailed view of circular processes for all major e-waste materials including precious metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, batteries and plastics.

Established in 2001, Apto has emerged as an award-winning ITAD solutions leader, trusted by Fortune 100, big tech, financial institutions and manufacturing companies. They offer clients comprehensive ITAD services including data destruction, value recovery and recycling – and the ability to track assets in real time with their proprietary Pulse platform.

Apto’s plans for creating the Circularity Report began in late 2019, when after winning the Circulars award at the World Economic Forum for their Circular Economy efforts, they wanted to take things to the next level. They looked deep into their supply chain and realized that while materials were making their way to recyclers through their eStewards certified channels, there was a lack of circular data, or exactly what raw materials and end products the e-waste was actually being turned into.

“When major companies hire a certified ITAD team or recycler to handle end of life electronics or e-waste, they assume that the assets are being recycled in a circular way into new materials and products,” says Apto CEO Jeffrey Jones. “While most of the industry is doing the right things, we saw an opportunity to provide a better level of data and transparency that is needed for confirmation of circular economy initiatives. Our report is part of an effort to do exactly that.”

The creation of the report helped Apto verify what was actually happening to their materials downstream and make additional adjustments to send materials to the most sustainable recyclers.

A wasteless, circular economy has long been the ambition of all industries that rely on electronics. However, the promise of a perfect system of asset reuse and materials recycling has always been hampered by various barriers. With this new report and its insights, Apto hopes to chart a new, achievable way forward for transparency and collaboration.

“I understand that this model has challenges. It’s a lot of hard work, more expensive, takes a lot of time, and potentially requires changing your supply chain, timing of shipments, revenue and reporting structure. But circularity is quickly becoming a business and environmental imperative,” Jones explains. “Everyone needs to work together on this and we hope this report inspires greater collaboration. It starts with designing for circularity, companies and consumers demanding products with recycled content, and working with ITAD partners to put sound recycling programs in place for material recovery. The more everyone can work together to prove their actions with data, the more people will wake up and participate in creating a circular future.“

To attend the webinar "Exploring recent circular innovations in ITAD: Working towards a closed-loop future” on Aug 4 at 1:30 PM (ET), register at: https://www.aptosolutions.com/webinar-registration-exploring-circular-innovation-in-itad

To request the report, visit: https://www.aptosolutions.com/en-us/circularity-report

About Apto Solutions

Apto Solutions is an industry leader and innovator in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services with established authority in minimizing environmental, data, and financial risks by consistently maintaining the highest ITAD standards and certifications attainable. Since 2001, our passion for reducing clients’ environmental footprint has driven our spirit of innovation, allowing our partners to discover and embrace the circular economy. Over the years, we’ve demonstrated a strong track record of performance for technology manufacturers, global Fortune 500, financial institutions, and data center providers. Apto is certified by e-Stewards and NAID AAA. Visit aptosolutions.com for more.


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Apto Solutions announces its 2020 Circularity Report, tracking and mapping its recycling processes to help build a better blueprint for circularity.

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