Intelliseq Launches IntelliseqFlow, The First Cloud-based Platform That Translates Raw DNA Data Into Complete Reports With Clinical Insights

SAN DIEGO--()--Intelliseq, a genome-analyzing technology provider, today announced the launch of IntelliseqFlow, a unique SaaS platform for raw NGS data analysis with diverse genomic applications.

IntelliseqFlow is an agile, high-throughput, cost-effective solution dedicated to fields of genome-based medicine, including genetic disorders, somatic cancer, pharmacogenomics, and polygenic risk scores for health- and wellness-related traits. It enables laboratories to access and scale up in the genome-based diagnostics market.

The platform offers a comprehensive analysis of genetic data and generates full reports with clinical insights. IntelliseqFlow benefits from a team with deep knowledge in genome informatics who are known for their published peer-reviewed scientific research. “Our mission is to make genome-based medicine practical by providing science-based, precise, affordable, and secure software solutions for genetic data analysis,” said Marcin Piechota, Ph.D, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “In just three simple steps, users can run the analysis they selected and get a report that includes all the variants that may point to a specific disease.”

IntelliseqFlow supports both large laboratories/research centers and smaller entities that want to enter the genome-based market. “The process of human genome analysis can be the slowest, most expensive, and labor-intensive one among all the processes around DNA. In many labs, there are few experts in this field, no proper IT tools, or difficulties in transferring scientific knowledge into clinical practice. Our mission was to create an intuitive and user-friendly application so that it could be operated not only by bioinformaticians. Moreover, our solution has no upfront costs, the user pays per analysis,” said Rafal Gnojnicki, CEO and President of the Board.

Currently, Intelliseq offers a 30-day FREE TRIAL so users can upload and analyze their own samples without cost.

IntelliseqFlow is available at To learn more, visit

About Intelliseq

Intelliseq, a genome informatics company established by a group of scientists fascinated with pharmacogenomics and transcriptomics, is quickly growing to fill a void in translating genetics knowledge into products. Intelliseq consists of an interdisciplinary team of experts in genomics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and software development focused on the creation of novel algorithms and bioinformatic tools that interpret the human DNA sequence. We aim to support whole-genome scientific research and the genetic diagnosis process. For more information, visit or connect via Twitter (


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