Stack Overflow Introduces Collectives™, Brings Developers and Technology Organizations Together to Build Faster Through Community

Google Cloud and Google’s Go launch Collectives to share resources and engage directly with the largest community of developers on the internet

NEW YORK--()--Today, Stack Overflow announced the launch of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow, communities where technology organizations can directly engage with developers who use their products and developers can find resources that help them build faster. Collectives™ on Stack Overflow will launch to help developers and technologists collaborate and share knowledge in sub-communities dedicated to the products and services they use most. The first two Collectives™ are Google Cloud and Go, an open source programming language.

Collectives™ on Stack Overflow introduces a centralized place for developers and technologists to discover questions and answers, as well as new, long-form content related to products and services they use most. Through collaboration, Collectives™ helps developers more easily adopt and deploy technology through organized, reusable information. Companies, in turn, can recognize Stack Overflow users for participating and sharing knowledge.

At Stack Overflow, we believe that democratizing and organizing technical information helps our community learn and innovate faster,” said Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO at Stack Overflow. “By deeply connecting developers with the products they use, Collectives™ aims to make building and operating technology easier. Creating new avenues to share knowledge is the only way to build stronger, more collaborative communities.”

Stack Overflow is the largest community of technologists and the go-to resource to develop new skills and solve coding problems. There are over 50 million questions and answers on Stack Overflow and developers have helped each other over 50 billion times to-date. Collectives™ helps companies engage with developers and empower the community that already exists around their technologies.

The technical community is the heart of our Google Cloud mission and everything we build and create is grounded in helping them quickly build technologies that push the boundaries of their imaginations,” said Amr Awadallah, Vice President of Cloud Developer Relations at Google. “Ensuring that Google Cloud developers have the information they need to build is embedded in everything we do. Google Cloud’s Collective on Stack Overflow will help us make information more accessible and ignite our technical community so we can all innovate faster.”

"Go was born from the idea that modern open source programming languages should make it easier to build simple, reliable, and efficient software," says Steven Francia, Product and Strategy Lead for Go Language at Google. "As more developers adopt Go to build their ideas and contribute to its iterations, it feels only fitting to take the same open source approach to technical knowledge sharing with Stack Overflow. Collectives™ will change how we are able to help technologists understand, implement, and scale Go, as well as collaborate with their peers."

The release of Collectives™ includes the following features and capabilities:

  • A branded Collectives™ homepage provides a curated view of questions and answers and content using tags associated with the organization's technology.
  • “Recommended Answers” allows companies to endorse the best answer to help users find solutions to their questions faster.
  • "Articles" introduces long-form content, including how-to guides and announcements, that can be accessed via the Collectives™ page.
  • User roles and badges designate Admins, Employees, and Recognized Members of Collectives™, providing an easy way for users to identify answers and content from trusted sources.
  • Enhanced API, dashboards, and reporting provide customers with deep insights into their branded community, including engagement, pageviews, tag activity, and community health metrics like answer rates.
  • “Actions for You” shows Admins and Recognized Members where they can make the most impact by answering questions, recommending answers, improving response rates to exceed benchmarks, and more.
  • A leaderboard gamifies the experience for developers and helps companies easily discover and reward top contributors as Recognized Members.

With Collectives™, Stack Overflow brings together two of the company’s biggest strengths — community building and knowledge sharing. The rollout comes on the heels of significant investments in new features for the company’s enterprise product, Stack Overflow for Teams, including Collections (groups of all formats of content on a topic for easy sharing), Articles (longer form documentation, policies and procedures, how-to guides, and much more), personalized For You Feeds (personalized content), a deeper integration with Slack, and the recently introduced Freemium tier. Stack Overflow for Teams is used by leading companies including Box, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Instacart, and Zapier.

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