NationBuilder, the World’s First Software for Leaders, Acquires Social Action Platform Speakable

Acquisition offers leaders new tools to move supporters to greater action and build stronger communities

LOS ANGELES--()--NationBuilder, the world’s most powerful organizing software for leaders backed by Andreessen Horowitz, has acquired Speakable, the social action technology company founded by Jordan Hewson. NationBuilder’s software helps customers organize movements, by putting leadership in as many hands as possible. Speakable is a natural complement to the infrastructure that NationBuilder provides.

The acquisition gives NationBuilder’s customers access to Speakable’s popular “Action Button,” which can be embedded into news articles and publications, allowing people to take action in the moment on the issues that matter to them - from contacting their legislators to creating polls to driving donations.

From rising economic inequality and polarization to the global public health crisis, the complex problems facing our world demand more and better civic engagement. With the combination of Speakable’s Action Button technology and NationBuilder’s infrastructure, millions of users will be able to take more robust and instant action on the issues they care about.

“To solve the unprecedented challenges we’re facing as a connected humanity, we need to involve and engage as many people as possible,” said Lea Endres, CEO and Co-Founder of NationBuilder. “That means inspiring millions of people - not just to participate, but to come together, to act and to lead.”

“Back in 2018 when Jordan and I met, I remember thinking how incredible it would be if we could combine the brilliance of Action Button’s ability to meet people where they are, with the power of NationBuilder’s infrastructure — giving people the chance to take not just one action, but to do so ongoingly, becoming part of the communities and causes they care about,” said Endres.

NationBuilder makes organizing easy, affordable, and effective, lowering the barriers to entry for everyone - from the smallest community campaigns to the largest institutions. NationBuilder provides the infrastructure that puts people right at the center of the issues that matter to them.

“We’re so excited to work with NationBuilder's diverse leadership team to scale Action Button and to innovate new ways we can connect our users with deeper opportunities to take action on the issues they care about,” says Speakable’s Founder, Jordan Hewson.

NationBuilder’s customers are building the future everywhere, from ICAN reaching 50 ratifications of a historic UN treaty banning nuclear weapons in Switzerland to National Bloc bringing Beirut citizens emergency aid and the tools for democracy in Lebanon. In 2020, customers used NationBuilder to raise more than $351 million in donations, make 23.8 million contacts and mobilize 386,000 volunteers. In just the past few years, Speakable’s Action Buttons have been seen nearly 400 million times and powered 12 million actions. The company has helped high-impact nonprofit organizations expand their reach, from collecting donations for Doctors Without Borders to raising funds to help Feed America provide meals to struggling families.

To read more of NationBuilder CEO Lea Endres’ thoughts on the acquisition, see her letter to the NationBuilder community.

NationBuilder is a mission-driven software company building the infrastructure for a world of creators by helping leaders develop and organize thriving communities. Since 2011, NationBuilder has served over 100,000 customers in 110 countries around the world, from individuals stepping into leadership for the first time, to the heads of political parties, international networks, Top 100 charities, and Fortune 500 companies. NationBuilder provides fully integrated software with a dynamic people database, website hosting, email and text blasting, donations and fundraising. For more information, please visit:


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Jason Mandell : 213-500-9142