MulteFire Alliance (MFA) Simplifies Path to 5G Private Network Deployment for Enterprise

News Highlights:

  • MFA expands mission to support 5G private networks by creating Uni5G™ Technology Blueprints, based on existing 3GPP 5G specifications, that will enable enterprises to deploy their own 5G private networks in unlicensed, shared and locally licensed spectrum
  • The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has awarded MFA with a unique global PLMN ID which it will make available to enterprises that deploy their own Uni5G or MulteFire (4G) private network
  • MFA (previously MulteFire Alliance) has recently rebranded to reflect its expanded scope in facilitating 5G private network deployments

FREMONT, Calif.--()--MFA (MulteFire® Alliance), an international organization dedicated to enabling industry verticals to deploy private cellular networks globally, today announced its expanded mission to enable 5G private networks in unlicensed, shared and locally licensed spectrum by providing guidance to enterprises seeking to deploy their own network.

Leveraging existing 3GPP 5G specifications, MFA will deliver Uni5G Technology Blueprints to industry verticals. These blueprints will help enterprises select and implement the key features from the 3GPP standards that are relevant to their specific deployment. MFA will also develop best practices and deployment guides, including industry resources on understanding all available spectrum options for 5G private networks. The first Uni5G Technology Blueprint will be available in Q4 2021.

According to a recent industry report by ABI Research, the total addressable market size for 5G and 4G/LTE private network equipment for Industry 4.0 use cases will reach ~$35B by 2030.

“MFA paved the way for industries to contemplate how they can deploy their own private network in unlicensed spectrum using MulteFire 4G/LTE-based cellular technology with high-performance, built-in security and mobility benefits,” said Mazen Chmaytelli, president, MFA. “Now through our expanded role in enabling 5G private networks, MFA will provide industry verticals with practical guidance on deployment that will meet their unique requirements and determine which spectrum option is right for their site.”

MFA provides a unique global PLMN ID for 5G and MulteFire private networks to industry verticals

MFA has been awarded a global Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) ID by the ITU. MFA is planning to make this PLMN ID available to industry verticals. The PLMN ID is a series of numbers that identifies a specific network and ensures that only authorized devices connect to that network.

With access to a unique global PLMN ID number, industry verticals are able to deploy their own 5G private network in locally licensed spectrum or a MulteFire private network in unlicensed spectrum today.

MFA members and others under MFA authorization are able to bundle the PLMN ID with their network equipment, thus simplifying the deployment process for enterprises by eliminating the need for them to separately apply for a PLMN ID.

“Across all industry verticals, we’re witnessing a drive to increase control, reliability and security through deployment of private networks,” said Chmaytelli. “Enterprises can now leverage locally licensed spectrum using Uni5G technology, and later can use global unlicensed or shared spectrum when 5G NR-U solutions become available. Through our Uni5G Technology Blueprints and our unique global PLMN ID, MFA has simplified the path to 5G private networks and is helping to accelerate the ecosystem.”

To join the MFA, learn more about Uni5G or how to access PLMN ID numbers, or receive notifications on the Uni5G Technology Blueprint, visit


About the MFA

MFA (MulteFire Alliance) is an international organization that is championing the global industry adoption of private cellular networks using MFA-defined MulteFire specifications for LTE and Uni5G technology blueprints for 5G. With Uni5G or MulteFire, enterprises can efficiently deploy their own optimized, reliable and secure private network in unlicensed, shared or locally licensed spectrum. For more information, visit


MFA (MulteFire Alliance)
Lori Mesecke, +1-503-459-9150

Release Summary

MFA simplifies path to 5G private network deployment for Enterprise by delivering Uni5G™ Technology Blueprints to industry verticals.


MFA (MulteFire Alliance)
Lori Mesecke, +1-503-459-9150