Sana Partners with Proactive MD to Open Sana MD, A Next-Generation Advanced Primary Care Health Center Providing Members With Comprehensive Primary Care

  • Sana MD to offer family medicine, urgent and preventive care, an in-house pharmacy, physical therapy, and total wellness solutions
  • Members on most Sana plans will receive advanced primary care at no cost
  • Value-based care models have proven to provide better health outcomes and lower overall health care costs compared to fee-for-service models

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Sana, a value-based health care company that provides Fortune 500-level health care to small businesses at affordable prices, and Proactive MD, a national leader in advanced primary care, today announced the opening of their first primary care health center, Sana MD.

The health center is a joint venture between Sana and Proactive MD. As a nonprofit, the center will provide value-based health services to Sana members and the Austin community. With the belief that primary care should be proactive rather than reactive, Sana MD practices a holistic model of care tailored to individual needs. With a modern, spa-like design, onsite patient advocacy services, complex diagnosis management solutions, and an emphasis on building the patient-provider relationship, the health center will go far beyond the boundaries of traditional primary care. Sana MD is scheduled to open in August at 1715 W. 35th St. in Austin, Texas.

“Sana believes that exceptional, preventive-focused primary care is the most effective way to improve health outcomes,” said Sana CEO and co-founder Will Young. “By establishing Sana MD as the foundation of our growing Sana Care ecosystem, we are empowering members to take advantage of free, high-quality primary care.”

“This partnership with Sana is a huge step toward our ultimate goal of transforming health care for the good of the patient,” said John Collier, Proactive MD’s CEO. “We believe that primary care is the most powerful tool for risk management, cost containment, and overall patient wellbeing. Now that our Advanced Primary Care model has joined Sana’s innovative health plans, our positive impact on patient lives will be amplified in Austin.”

A 2019 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the value-based care model provided its patients with 12% lower claims increases over an 8-year period than control groups using fee-for-service models. The value-based care cohort also outperformed the control groups in most quality of care measurements over that time. Proactive MD, a 2020 Health Value Award winner, remains the only primary care provider recognized by the Validation Institute for demonstrating significant cost savings to its clients.

Sana MD will include family medicine, urgent and preventive care, reduced-cost prescriptions through an in-house pharmacy, labs and diagnostics, chronic disease management, physical therapy, and total wellness solutions - including weight loss programs, diabetes education, stress management, smoking cessation, and wellness coaching - all under one roof. Patient advocacy services will be fully integrated with Sana MD’s member advocacy program and will offer mental health support, solutions for social determinants of health, concierge care navigation, and risk-stratified outreach. By operating on a monthly member subscription, Sana MD will be focused on optimizing its patients’ health outcomes rather than focusing on increasing its fees per patient or patient throughput.

By offering this premium option to their members, Sana and Proactive MD will increase overall value, improve care management and ultimately reduce health care costs.

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About Sana

Sana is a leader in value-based health care, reducing the cost of high-quality care for small businesses. Focusing on value and quality of care allows Sana to give employers great coverage at a lower cost while making it easier than ever to administer benefits and access care. Sana offers simplified plans, honest pricing and world-class customer service. Sana Care is Sana's ecosystem of trusted, preferred, high-quality health care and wellness providers available to Sana members at little to no cost to them. It includes several digital health solutions, health and wellness programs and services, and centers of excellence. Sana Care aligns with Sana's intention of creating a value-based, holistic health care solution that drives down costs while simultaneously delivering an exceptional quality of care.

About Proactive MD

Patients and employers benefit from Proactive MD’s total health care and population health management solution, which offers advanced primary care health and on-site wellness centers at member companies. By elevating the standard of primary care and going above and beyond the typical boundaries of health care, Proactive MD meets each employee’s unique mental, emotional, social and physical needs. Proactive MD’s care model is built on the foundation of strong physician-patient relationships and on-site patient advocates, empowered by advanced population health insights, who personally guide and advise employees through the full health care system. Coupled with reduced-rate access to the nation’s leading specialists for complex and catastrophic diagnoses, the Proactive MD model removes obstacles to care, reduces risk and dramatically improves the quality of care for employees while simultaneously lowering health care costs for employers. For more information, please visit


Sarah Frankoff


Sarah Frankoff