Komodor Launches out of Stealth with $25Million to Redefine Kubernetes Troubleshooting

Komodor is a single pane of glass for troubleshooting Kubernetes.

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--Komodor, the troubleshooting platform dedicated to Kubernetes, today announced a $21Million Series A funding round led by Accel, with follow-up angel investments from Jason Warner, CTO of GitHub; Sri Viswanath, CTO of Atlassian; Danny Grander, Co-Founder of Snyk; Tomer Levy, CEO of Logz.io; Amir Jerbi, Co-Founder of Aqua Security and others. The company previously raised $4Million in seed funding from NFX Capital, Pitango First, and OldSlip Group.

Komodor is the first platform to streamline Kubernetes troubleshooting by offering a unified view of all events across the entire Kubernetes stack, providing developers, operations, and on-call teams with the context and the actionable insights they need to solve issues efficiently and independently. To achieve this Komodor automatically constructs a coherent view of relevant deploys, configuration changes, dependencies, metrics, and past incidents. It also seamlessly integrates data from cloud providers, source controls, CI/CD tools, databases, underlying infrastructure, monitoring tools, and incident response platforms.

“We’ve built the quickest way to understand changes within Kubernetes,” said Itiel Shwartz, CTO and Co-Founder of Komodor. “This change intelligence comes from a deep integration with Kubernetes, combined with other data points across a developer’s existing stack, that provides a coherent view of Kubernetes that wasn’t possible before.”

Today, Kubernetes is the most popular graduated project within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). However, despite its growing popularity, the most recent CNCF Survey reports that complexity remains a top challenge in using and deploying containers.

“Komodor enables every developer to become a confident technical leader,” said Ben Ofiri, CEO and Co-Founder of Komodor. “Our customers are deploying faster because they have all of the relevant context they need when troubleshooting Kubernetes.”

“When on-call teams get a PagerDuty alert telling them something’s gone wrong, the first question they ask is ‘what changed’ and finding the answer often involves logging in to multiple tools and up to hours of detective work,” said Seth Pierrepont, Partner at Accel. “With Komodor, the response to ‘what changed’ simply becomes ‘ask Komodor’. In today’s modern cloud-native environments, having an intuitive, simple to use tool that enables fast and efficient Kubernetes troubleshooting can save businesses large amounts of time and money.

About the founders
Ben Ofiri, CEO:
Ben has a decade-long track record in software development and product management, including six years at Google where he served as product lead for Google’s Duplex -- the company’s flagship conversational AI project. Ben's experience at Google familiarized him with small and large-scale Kubernetes deployments, providing him with an in-depth understanding of the challenges involved in troubleshooting complex distributed systems.

Itiel Shwartz, CTO: Itiel has worked as an engineer at eBay, Forter, and Rookout where he was the software developer. He’s an experienced backend and infrastructure engineer turned 'DevOps', as well as an avid public speaker who loves talking about infrastructure, Kubernetes, Python, observability and the evolution of R&D culture.

Quotes of support
“I’m excited to invest in Komodor and to work with this amazing team. The long story short is developers want to ship code and innovate; when something breaks, they don’t want to spend endless hours digging through logs and combing through dashboards. Komodor's platform will completely change the developer experience on Kubernetes.” -- Mike Tria, Head of Platform at Atlassian

“Komodor immediately helped us track down problems within Kubernetes. We were able to locate issues with legacy services in our deployed clusters that we’d been wasting countless hours troubleshooting in the past. We’re excited to finish rolling out Komodor to all of our clusters and see how it continues to improve our observability story.” -- David de Regt, Principal Software Engineer at Outreach

"After a quick installation, and with surprisingly little setup, Komodor provided us with a unified view of all changes, and their ripple effect, saving our dev teams valuable time on troubleshooting in our increasingly complex Kubernetes environments." -- Ryan White, VP of Engineering Operations at TuneIn

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About Komodor
Komodor is a Kubernetes-native platform that empowers developers and on-call teams to troubleshoot efficiently and independently. By providing a centralized view of all code, configurations, and 3rd-party app changes across the entire Kubernetes stack, Komodor offers contextual insights that help developers easily detect root causes, rapidly solve issues, and innovate with confidence.


Adam LaGreca
Founder of 10KMedia

Release Summary

Komodor today announced $25Million in funding to provide change intelligence for Kubernetes.


Adam LaGreca
Founder of 10KMedia