Rollbar Rounds Out First Half of 2021 With Strong Growth and New Features

Company’s Momentum Affirms Strength of Its Continuous Code Improvement Approach

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Rollbar, the Continuous Code Improvement Platform, today announced that it has already achieved a record-breaking first half that included the addition of new customers, partnerships, programming languages, and its best ever usage numbers. This is the result of the continuous and ongoing improvements to Rollbar’s AI and machine learning tools via its automation-grade grouping features that help customers separate out the noise of irrelevant error alerts to transform their DevOps approaches at scale.

“Going into the pandemic, we knew that businesses were going to take a hard look at their spend and only keep essential services. So, we made it our business to be essential,” said Rollbar CEO and Co-founder Brian Rue. “We redoubled our commitment to our customers and took an all-hands approach to making our platform better to fulfill our vision of painless development through continuous code improvement. The accelerating growth we've seen is a result of our team's excellent work."

A Constellation of Small Feature Releases Make a Big Impact

Rollbar used the first half of 2021 to expand its presence across multiple languages and frameworks, and to strengthen its presence within the mobile space for both Android and Apple. The company also made a number of improvements to its Continuous Code Improvement Platform that will enable more Rollbar clients to automate development workflows and responses to code issues. For example, the company:

  • Improved the grouping accuracy of its automation-grade grouping, adding more than 3,000 identified error types and patterns across six languages (Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP and C#) into its grouping engine. All machined-identified error types and patterns are tested and validated by Rollbar’s intelligence team before being pushed into production.
  • Launched new Flutter SDK.
  • Launched a new Apple SDK that supports tvOS and watchOS (in addition to iOS and macOS) and will automatically support any new OS.
  • Released local variable support for Node.js to help developers debug faster and more easily with enhanced trace data.
  • Added telemetry support for both Node.js and Go to help developers find the root cause of errors faster with critical information on user behavior, network activity, and more.
  • Released HashiCorp Terraform Verified Provider for Rollbar (built in partnership with HashiCorp), so organizations can provision and manage Rollbar accounts automatically through Terraform, the most widely used multi-cloud provisioning product.
  • Launched a new integration with GitHub Enterprise, so developers can access critical contextual information and debug faster directly within the Rollbar UI.

Company Growth Speaks to the Success of the Continuous Code Improvement Approach

Continuous code improvement is about giving developers more time to spend writing new code by decreasing the amount of time they need to spend finding and fixing errors. Rollbar’s recent usage growth illustrates that more and more companies are seeing the value in this approach. In the first half of 2021, the company:

  • Saw a 70% YoY increase in the number of errors processed daily, which speaks to the new customers the company has attracted and existing customers using Rollbar software across mission-critical applications.
  • Recorded a consistently high net promoter score (NPS). Rollbar’s NPS was 43.2 in Q1 and 44.9 in Q2—well above the SaaS industry average of 31.
  • Added several new banner customers, including leading health and wellness brand Plexus Worldwide.
  • Surpassed the 1 billion unique bug benchmark, meaning that Rollbar customers have now caught more than 1 billion unique bugs.

“Unlike our competitors, we believe that hardcoded algorithms cannot adapt to the diversity of errors and group them accurately, so we decided to use machine learning to identify patterns in stack traces. Our grouping engine treats each error differently, supported by modern AI technologies, and trained on billions of stack traces,” explained Arpad Tamasi, Rollbar principal product manager. “We work constantly to scale and refine the training process to increase grouping accuracy. I’m excited about what we’re achieving, and how much it benefits our clients.”

“Before Rollbar, we only had Loggly and New Relic, so we had to jump through hoops to see what the customer was experiencing. That led to substantial time spent looking through proxy logs and error captures. With Rollbar, we have so much more visibility,” said Ethan Salisbury, principal software engineer at Plexus Worldwide.

Mark George, director of software development at Plexus Worldwide, added some additional context: “Our cost savings thanks to Rollbar are well north of $100,000, potentially $250,000, because of how much it used to cost us to track down issues.”

Rollbar has helped more than 5,000 customers process more than 100 billion errors – resulting in a 9x increase in releases per year. The Continuous Code Improvement Platform has been a game changer for Rollbar customers. With Rollbar, customers are able to resolve errors within minutes, significantly increasing team productivity. Rollbar enables developers to spend less time monitoring, investigating and debugging, and more time creating new products and features that will delight their customers.

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About Rollbar

Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that enables developers to proactively discover and resolve issues in their code. Rollbar integrates with a development team's existing toolchain to give greater coverage and insights into broken code, across the software lifecycle. With Rollbar, developers focus on deploying better software faster, knowing they can quickly recover from critical errors as they happen. Thousands of companies, including Twilio, Salesforce, Twitch, and Duolingo, use Rollbar for their most critical applications, ensuring happier customers and more productive development teams. Learn more at or follow us @Rollbar.


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Release Summary

Rollbar announced a record-breaking first half with the addition of new customers, partnerships, programming languages and best ever usage numbers.


Sara Black for Rollbar