Infinity Turbine Announces Entry into Elon Musk's $100 Million XPrize with On-Demand CO2 to Fuels Processor

Infinity Turbine GTL Module $150,000 Experimenters Platform. Infinity Turbine is now offering an experimenters platform for those who wish to develop liquid or gas CO2 to plastics and alcohol fuels. Inputs: CO2, H20, DC electricity, and Nafion or other membrane catalysts. The GTL Gas to Liquids system is part of the SeaMerlin Engine system. In-Situ Carbon Removal and Storage Using the GTL System: Using a reverse fuel cell (electrolyzer), the CO2 can be used immediately to make intermediates such as methanol or Ethylene. The Ethylene can be used to makes plastics as a method of carbon removal and storage. (Graphic: Business Wire)

MADISON, Wis.--()--Infinity Turbine LLC, is introducing its entry into the Elon Musk sponsored XPrize for Carbon Removal with its SeaMerlin Engine.

SeaMerlin is a project from Infinity Turbine LLC which combines decades of innovation into a product which not only focuses on CO2 removal, but First Principles development of a host of technologies wrapped into one concept, the Gas Leverage Turbine.

The SeaMerlin Engine is a water based gas leverage turbine for marine propulsion, seawater distillation, oceanwater CO2 harvesting, and on-demand CO2 to fuels processing. The core technology is hydrodynamic cavitation which can be used for both harvesting CO2 and processing.

Infinity believes that the best intermediary step in CO2 mitigation is to establish a process and market for CO2 to fuels and plastics. This is done with their GTL (gas-to-liquids) on-demand processor system.

Infinity Turbine LLC offers a visionary future for clean and renewable fuels by providing complimentary technologies which work together for greater efficiency.

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G. Giese | CEO | Infinity Turbine LLC |

Release Summary

Infinity Turbine LLC is entering the Elon Musk sponsored XPrize with the SeaMerlin Engine project, which harvests and converts CO2 to fuels and more.


G. Giese | CEO | Infinity Turbine LLC |