doxo Launches Free Bill Pay to 100,000 Billers Coast to Coast

Nation’s largest consumer bill pay network eliminates payment transaction fees and provides real-time balance from any linked bank account, simplifying payment to over 100,000 billers across the country, all with a single login

SEATTLE--()--doxo, the innovative, all-in-one web and mobile bill pay service, today announced that it has expanded the benefits of its simple, secure bill pay experience by introducing free bill payments to more than 100,000 billers across the U.S. from a linked account to any of more than 11,000 bank and credit unions. The doxo app provides users a secure, consistent way to organize and pay all their bills with a single login, on any device, using any payment method they need—bank account, credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay. Now, when consumers link their bank account to their doxo account, they can not only manage due dates and track their real time bank balance, but they can eliminate the online transaction fees often encountered when paying certain types of bills.

Free payments from linked bank accounts, with real-time balance verification, further expands the essential financial health benefits of the doxo bill pay experience, providing the easiest, most secure, and least expensive way to pay any biller across the largest consumer bill pay network in the country. Payment fees cost consumers billions of dollars a year—as an example, according to a recent American Public Power Association survey, 37% of utility service companies require customer transaction fees—typically in the range of $3 to $4 per transaction. At the high range, this can total nearly $48 a year—a hefty price to pay on top of the estimated $2,956 that consumers pay per year on utility bills. By eliminating these and other hidden costs of bill pay, doxo helps consumers avoid unnecessary fees and stay on top of household finances.

“At doxo, we’re on a mission to reduce the anxiety of managing bills and empower our users to improve their financial health. We’re making bill pay simpler, more accessible, and are eliminating the hidden costs of the conventional bill pay experience,” said CEO and Co-Founder Steve Shivers. “Customer-centered bill payment benefits everyone involved—customers find it easier to stay ahead of paying bills and improve household financial health, billers see faster payments and reduced support expenses, and financial institutions strengthen and extend their customer relationships and reduce customer support incidents.”

Too Often, Managing Bills Means Hassles and Anxiety for Consumers

Each year U.S. households spend over $4.4 trillion—about a third of all consumer spending—on recurring bill payments. While staying on top of these bills is the single largest determinant for consumer financial health, organizing and paying them can be a time-consuming and frustrating chore. With the average household paying 10 bills each month, it is no surprise that managing household finances is the number one cause of stress for consumers. This anxiety has only intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic with 75% of consumers stating that they continue to be very worried about the future of their financial health and their ability to stay caught up on household bills. On top of the stress that comes from the act of paying bills, the hidden costs associated with bill pay cause further expense and angst for many consumers—identity theft, payment account fraud, late fees, overdraft fees, and detrimental credit impacts amount to $74 billion, or $577 per household annually.

Simplified Bill Pay Starts with All-in-One Bill Management, with Any Payment Account, on Any Device

Since its inception, doxo has been on a mission to simplify and reduce the anxiety of staying on top of bills, empowering consumers to improve their financial health. Unlike traditional one-at-a-time bill payment options, millions of doxo users organize and pay all their bills in one place with a single, secure login. Users never have to link away to different sites or manage various login credentials and accounts for each of their billers. doxo’s core consumer benefits include:

  • Linked Bank Account for Free Bill Pay and Maximum Transparency
    When a doxo user links their bank account to their doxo account, they activate free payments to any of their household billers. Just as importantly, users add real-time bank balance verification before every single bill payment to help eliminate overdrafts, which cost consumers over $15 billion each year in bank fees.
  • Private Wallet for Secure Payments, From any Account
    Via a single login, doxo users can make payments on any device, using their bank account, credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay. And by paying with doxo, every payment benefits from doxo’s Private Payment™ Account Protection which facilitates secure payment delivery while never disclosing personal payment account information to any individual biller.
  • Anytime Payments on any Device, From any Location
    doxo helps consumers manage their bills where and when they want. Today, over 60% of bills paid across the doxo network originate from mobile devices, where consumers can take advantage of doxo’s mobile-first user experience, Android and iOS apps, the security of Touch ID and Face ID, and the convenience of Apple Pay.

Better Bill Pay is the Cornerstone of Household Financial Health

Following feedback from users, doxo discovered that consumers need bill pay flexibility that protects their online identity, keeps payment account information secure, builds credit, and eliminates anxiety about overdraft and late fees. As a result, doxo introduced doxoPLUS, a subscription based service that enables free all-in-one bill payment from a user’s bank account, along with the five essential financial protections for $4.99 per month.

The Five Essential doxoPLUS Bill Pay Protections include:

  1. Private Pay™ Protection: ensures card and payment account information stays encrypted and secure and is never shared with billers during payments.

  2. Identity Theft Protection: includes $1 million of loss-protection for identity theft incidents and identity restoration services.

  3. Credit Score Protection: helps consumers improve credit scores with credit score monitoring that is built directly into the bill pay experience.

  4. Overdraft Protection: ensures that if a payment ever causes a linked bank account to overdraft, doxo will reimburse any bank overdraft fees incurred.

  5. Late Fee Protection: guarantees that if a doxo user ever misses a payment delivery commitment, any late fee that results will be reimbursed.

The Simplest Bill Pay, Powered by the Nation’s Largest Bill Pay Directory

doxo’s unique, crowd-sourced bill pay directory enables payment to over 100,000 service providers across the country. To date, over five million doxo users, across 90% of U.S. zip codes, have paid bills through the doxo payment network in more than 45 different service categories. Through a single login, users have the ability to make payments to the nation’s most diverse set of providers—whether it’s a national bank or a local utility company. At six times larger than any consumer bill pay network, doxo’s directory is uniquely representative of how consumers pay their bills across the country.

Better Bill Pay for Consumers Drives Multiple Benefits for Billers

When doxo users stay on top of all their bills, billers on doxo’s network benefit as well. When service providers directly enroll in doxo’s Directory, they join thousands of others who receive direct electronic payments, fast and free. Directly connected service providers increase mobile engagement, speed payment delivery, reduce customer support costs, and boost paperless and autopay adoption. Every provider has a real-time dashboard into their market and customer activity, helping them to better understand and engage customers across all payment channels. Connecting to doxo electronically is simple and works right alongside a service provider’s existing bill payment solution to expand customer engagement and transparency. Providers can learn more at

About doxo

doxo provides simple, secure all-in-one bill payment to any biller, with any payment method, on any device. A doxoPLUS subscription adds free bank payments and five essential financial protections that boost household financial health. Through these services, doxo currently serves over five million paying users who can make payments to over 100,000 local and national businesses, making doxo the largest bill pay directory in the nation. Billers on the network get paid directly, fast and free – and consumers have complete bill pay independence over when and how they pay their bills. doxo expanded its user base by more than 70 percent in the past year and is expanding its team to further accelerate growth and change the bill pay landscape to focus on the customer. doxo investors include MDV, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions. doxo is based in Seattle, WA. For more information visit


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doxo launches free bill pay to 100,000 billers coast to coast


Dotted Line Communications for doxo
Jenny Davis