AVerMedia Launches AS311 Speakerphone with Advanced Noise Suppression

Easily turn any room in your home into a professional audio conferencing space

The AS311 USB Conference Speakerphone (Photo: Business Wire)

FREMONT, Calif.--()--AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., a leader in audiovisual technology, is pleased to introduce the AS311 USB Conference Speakerphone. The AS311 transmits clear, easily audible sound and ensures important calls at home will not be disturbed by background noises such as dogs barking or babies crying. With this release AVerMedia now offers a complete audiovisual solution that can easily turn any room into an enterprise-grade conferencing space.

"We are very excited to bring our expertise to the speakerphone market,” said Michael Kuo, President and CEO of AVerMedia. “This is another step in our effort to elevate the ease of collaboration with audio and video technology for all kinds of people and situations.”

The AS311 is designed to ensure smooth communication at home. It uses artificial intelligence to accurately identify and reduce common background noises such as construction and traffic noise, allowing important conversations, presentations, and lessons to proceed without interruption. Clear audio is also maintained by acoustic echo cancellation, which prevents the AS311’s microphone from picking up sound from its speaker. Users also have the freedom to move around the room as they conference, thanks to an omnidirectional microphone with a voice pick up range of 9.8 feet.

In addition to excellent audio, the AS311 is designed for maximum ease of use. Setup is extremely simple, with only a plug and play USB connection to a computer needed to start calls on popular conferencing platforms. Managing calls is both simple and silent, thanks to the built-in LED touch controls to adjust the volume and mute the microphone. Finally, the AS311 can be placed in whatever location users find most convenient due to its compact size.

The AS311 joins AVerMedia’s webcam lineup to form a complete, easy-to-use audiovisual solution for conferences at home. AVerMedia webcams’ sharp video complements the AS311’s clear audio to provide a lifelike communication experience. AVerMedia webcams also give users the freedom to move around the room as they conference by leveraging wide-angle lenses and AI-powered auto tracking. AVerMedia conferencing products all require very little effort to set up, so anyone can connect with ease, whether for work or leisure.

Price and Availability

The AS311 is now available at Amazon and BestBuy for a suggested list price of $149.99.

AS311 USB Conference Speakerphone Specifications

Microphone type: Omnidirectional microphone

Connection type: USB-A plug and play

Speaker: Up to 3W

Speaker frequency response: 150Hz-14KHz

Microphone frequency response: 150Hz-7Khz

Microphone pickup range: Up to 9.8 ft. (3 m)

About AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.

Established in Taiwan in 1990, AVerMedia is a leader in Digital Video and Audio Convergence Technology. The company provides cutting-edge, high-quality audio and video peripherals, professional capturing and streaming solutions, and more. AVerMedia is committed to providing rich experiences in content creation, video communication, and collaboration, all delivered via innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions. The company is highly involved in the community and social responsibilities, and it partners with ODMs for the development of AVerMedia’s technologies for integrated applications.


AVerMedia USA
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AVerMedia USA
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