AOTMP® Announces Top 10 Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Industry Challenges

The AOTMP® Industry Hackathon has been created to solve these challenges


Learn more about the AOTMP Industry Hackathon, an open innovation forum designed solve industry challenges while aligning to initiatives and causes across many industries. Hackathons gained popularity as tech firm code-a-thons, but did you know that hackathons and other open innovation summits have become one of the most effective solutions for working on big challenges in every industry? With that in mind, AOTMP is bringing together thousands of resources from around the globe to tackle some of the greatest challenges in our industry and across other industries. These professionals will have a goal of creating answers and solutions that will help take the industry to a new level, one that brings significantly more value and overall business impact to organizations worldwide. $100,000 in prize money will be awarded during event week in October. Learn more today.

INDIANAPOLIS--()--AOTMP® engaged association members, industry thought-leaders, and business professionals over the past year to identify the most significant challenges that must be solved before the telecom, mobility, and IT management function can increase its contribution to overall business results and make a greater impact. The AOTMP® Industry Hackathon, with its open innovation format, is expected to bring together thousands of professionals to create new ideas, new plans, and new actions that can be implemented in organizations across the globe.

The leading challenges to solve are:

  • Elevating the Value of Telecom, Mobility & IT Departments
  • Advancing Diversity & Inclusion
  • Verified AI Sourcing Tool for SMBs
  • Showcasing Career Opportunities in the Telecom, Mobility & IT Management Industry
  • Techniques to Accelerate Accessibility
  • Remote Workforce Engagement
  • Reshaping Academia-Industry Partnership
  • Mitigating Regulatory & Legislative Risk
  • Reducing the Negative Environmental Impact of Technology
  • Integrating Technology Strategy & Business Strategy 

Applications are now being accepted for AOTMP® Industry Hackathon Innovation Leaders that wish to achieve prominence as true industry change agents dedicated to advancing the industry and its professionals. Only 10 applications for Innovation Leader sponsorship will be accepted for this event.

“The AOTMP® Industry Hackathon is a powerful forum for driving positive change”, says Timothy Colwell, AOTMP® Executive Vice President. “Providing opportunities for industry leaders to align with an event that enlists thousands of innovators across the globe to solve complex problems and improve the industry for all is an extreme honor.”

The AOTMP® Industry Hackathon will begin on June 15 and run through October, culminating with event week and $100,000 in prize money to be given away October 18 – 21. Learn more at AOTMP® Industry Hackathon.

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AOTMP Announces Top 10 Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Industry Challenges. The Industry Hackathon has been created to solve these challenges.

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Timothy Colwell
+1 317-275-7210