Text IQ for Privacy Debuts, First AI Solution To Meet Demands of Privacy 2.0

New AI solution enables enterprises to easily and accurately identify personal and sensitive information hidden in unstructured data

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Text IQ, a Top 100 AI company helping organizations manage and mitigate risks in their data, announced today the launch of Text IQ for Privacy, a pioneering AI solution that identifies and categorizes personal and sensitive information hidden in the exploding volume of enterprise data.

In this new era, dubbed Privacy 2.0, characterized by the increasing threat of data breaches, the proliferation of unstructured data, and heavier regulatory requirements, Text IQ for Privacy will enable enterprises to proactively manage personal information, particularly hard-to-find sensitive information which otherwise remains hidden in large unstructured data sets.

Text IQ’s system automates the discovery of personal and sensitive information, returns accurate and relevant results, reduces the need for human review, and significantly lowers costs. At a time when protecting privacy has become a daunting task for enterprises worldwide, Text IQ for Privacy is faster and more accurate than traditional approaches. Powered by breakthrough AI and unsupervised machine-learning techniques, Text IQ for Privacy automatically identifies and categorizes personal and sensitive information from both structured and unstructured sources, enabling redaction and deduplication before presenting the findings for human review. In a recent study of the personal-data detection solutions of the top three cloud providers, Text IQ’s AI established itself as a far superior technology.

Privacy 2.0: Data Breaches, Stricter Regulatory Requirements, and Rising Customer Expectations & DSARs

Text IQ for Privacy is the first solution designed to meet the numerous privacy-protection requirements enterprises face today. Chief privacy officers must strike a careful balance between responding to the demands of Privacy 2.0 while meeting the business needs of collecting and storing data. Enterprises must manage ever expanding amounts of personal and sensitive data, such as a customer’s financial records, precise geo-location, race, religion, and medical history. In a recent survey by The International Association of Privacy Professionals, the majority of respondents named “locating unstructured personal data” as the most difficult task involved when responding to Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR).

“What sets us apart is the ability of Text IQ for Privacy to accurately identify personal and sensitive data equally well from structured and unstructured sources,” said Apoorv Agarwal, Text IQ’s co-founder and CEO. “Most solutions available now can find relevant data from within structured sources. But finding it from within unstructured sources — 80% of today’s enterprise data — is a much higher hill to climb. Another exceptional feature is the speed. We empower companies to move at the velocity they need when responding to data requests and breaches.”

Text IQ Goes Above and Beyond Traditional Search Methods

Traditional search methods typically fall short when it comes to data containing information such as a person’s religious beliefs and medical history, which can be sensitive when seen in context and hard to identify because it is largely found strewn in unstructured data. The Text IQ for Privacy solution zeroes in on this kind of data by deploying an adaptive AI Brain that incorporates a human-centric Socio-Linguistic Hypergraph.

Text IQ for Privacy includes these key capabilities:

  • Data Categorization, to accurately identify sensitive information and eliminate manual data mapping.
  • Discovery & Redaction, to accurately identify personal information and reduce disclosure risk.
  • Data Breach Response, to automatically deduplicate and associate data to entities, thereby reducing response time by 50%.
  • DSAR Fulfillment Automation, to meet aggressive request deadlines and reduce manual review by 75%.

“Our customers tell us that in addition to the cost savings they’re seeing from Text IQ for Privacy, they’re also feeling more at ease when the pressure is on to find personal information,” said Omar Haroun, Text IQ’s co-founder and COO. “Because the software returns more accurate information than other solutions, the risks associated with failing to find relevant data and meeting regulatory requirements is greatly reduced.”

To learn more about Text IQ for Privacy, visit go.textiq.com/privacy.


Text IQ is a B2B technology company with a reimagined approach to using AI to manage and mitigate risks in enterprise data. Our Unstructured Data Platform helps Global 2000 and government organizations identify sensitive information to reduce risk, protect privacy and create a fair, inclusive and diverse workplace. The Text IQ Brain, powered by our Socio-Linguistic Hypergraph, uncovers 99% of sensitive information at a 75% reduction in cost and time, and is used at the world’s leading financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical and government organizations, including AstraZeneca, Novartis, Cardinal Health, Carnival, Honeywell, and the U.S. Department of Justice. Since its founding in 2014, Text IQ has achieved record revenue growth. Backed by FirstMark and Sierra Ventures, the company employs nearly 100 and was recently recognized in the AI Top 100.

To learn more about Text IQ, visit textiq.com.


Sara Black

Release Summary

Text IQ announced the launch of Text IQ for Privacy, an AI solution that identifies and categorizes sensitive information in enterprise data.


Sara Black