Finerio and Guiabolso Sign Partnership to Expand Pioneering Open Banking Solutions Throughout Latin America

  • The alliance will allow the companies to offer a wide range of pan-Latam data products related to open banking and personal finance for financial entities.

MEXICO CITY & SAO PAULO--()--Open Banking offers the possibility to innovate and improve financial services around the world, which will bring large changes in the industry. In this context, the fintechs Finerio and Guiabolso have created a strategic alliance in order to expand coverage in several countries in Latin America and prepare financial companies in the region for the next wave of opportunities based on new sources of data and analytics.

Both companies were originally created with the mission of improving financial well-being in their respective markets, later expanding their scope to include transformational B2B data products derived from the consolidation and analysis of customers’ aggregated bank accounts. Guiabolso launched its consumer financial management app in 2014 and now has over 6 million users in Brazil, while Finerio has acquired over 350,000 users since launching in 2016 and has subsequently expanded operations into Chile and Colombia. Responding to the evolution of the financial services, with the rise of fintechs and open banking regulation, the two companies independently made the decision towards the end of 2019 to open their infrastructure to banks, neobanks, lenders, accounting platforms, among other institutions, to offer open banking products and personal finance management (PFM) APIs.

Now working together, Guiabolso and Finerio have agreed to collaborate on commercial and technical endeavors, combining their respective local market solutions into unified offerings for regional and international companies seeking integrated open banking solutions and data services across Latin America. With this, customers will have access to a wide range of products aimed at financial entities and based on aggregated bank data, including a cutting-edge “Open Banking as a Service” (OBaaS®) platform in Brazil, at a time when other countries in the region are beginning to follow the recent regulatory steps of Brazil. The companies also plan to combine their expertise to develop even better credit scoring models and enhanced B2B2C financial management features across the region.

“Finerio is a natural ally and for some time now we’ve discussed ways to formalize our strategic cooperation. Some of our B2C fintech customers have already expanded to new markets in Latin America, but this cross-border alliance of fintech ‘enablers’ is something unprecedented up until now in the market, representing the expansion of the underlying data infrastructure and analytics services that allow our customers to continue creating innovative products. In other words, we’re combining our robust open banking expertise to offer the most advanced data ‘picks and shovels’ in this digital finance ‘gold rush’ rippling across the region,” comments Benjamin Gleason, founder of Guiabolso.

By the end of this year, Finerio and Guiabolso hope to further consolidate their leadership in this sector in Latin America, evolving from the best option in their respective markets to also being the top solution for the multinationals in the region.

“In the B2B Open Banking space, those who have experience operating a B2C financial management application wind up having a unique advantage in terms of data intelligence and value-added characteristics for consumers, and both Guiabolso and Finerio have these R&D laboratories in their markets. We now both have the ability to extend this product offering to other banks and fintechs who want to generate a competitive advantage across the region through open banking and data-driven financial experiences, built on top of our proven technology and data intelligence," says Nick Grassi, Co-CEO and founder of Finerio.

About Finerio

Finerio began as a personal finance management platform in 2016 and in early 2020 launched Finerio Connect, their all in one Financial API solution. Thanks to their direct experience in the market, they quickly became one of the leaders in the Latin American financial ecosystem with products focused on Open Banking, data enrichment and personal finance management. Their mission is to democratize the best data driven solutions for any institution in the region.

Finerio Connect currently has over 50 clients, including some of the most important banks, neobanks and Fintechs in the region. Its solution has been validated by more than 350,000 users and is fully adapted to the needs of the Spanish speaking Latin American market with a ready to implement API solution for any type of financial institution. Get more information at

About Guiabolso

The mission of Guiabolso is to transform the financial system by helping people to improve their lives and the company has raised over US$80 million from top global fintech investors. In addition to the B2C application launched in 2014 and having more than 6 million users, Guiabolso developed pioneering data intelligence (e.g. “GB Connect”) and Open Banking services (OBaaS®) for B2B clients to better segment and serve their customers.

Guiabolso’s data solutions allow clients to offer their customers innovative personal financial management services, instant payment initiation and customized product offering. The modular “as a service” platform automatically organizes transaction data from various different bank accounts in seconds, without having to register expenses one by one and can help offer the best financial products according to the user's consolidated financial profile.

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Release Summary

Finerio and Guiabolso combine forces to provide the largest Open Banking network in Latin America.


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