Naturally Slim Announces Rebrand to Wondr Health

New brand brings in next era of company, highlighting inclusivity, diversity, and engagement

DALLAS--()--Naturally Slim® (NS), the leading digital behavioral change program, today announces its rebrand to Wondr Health™—leveraging over a decade of expertise in the employer digital health space with a more inclusive and engaging brand, designed to improve the physical and emotional health for all.

Over the last 15 years, Naturally Slim has solidified its position as the leader in digital behavioral weight management, successfully partnering with Fortune 500 companies, brokers and consultants, TPAs, and health plans, to prevent and reverse weight-related chronic conditions and improve the overall health of hundreds of thousands of participants nationwide. Early last year, the company embarked on an extensive rebranding project. The goal was to build a brand that aligns with the company mission and growth strategy, and that better reflects the participants that make up the core of its company.

“The Naturally Slim program has always been effective, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of lives we’ve changed—we’re simply expanding upon our core foundations to help more people,” said Rob Butler, CEO, Wondr Health. “With our new brand, enhanced personalization, and leading ROI, we aspire to help employers by helping their employees address the challenging weight-related chronic conditions that diminishes their quality of life and increases costs for employers. This rebrand will expand our ability to meet the needs of more employees and employers, regardless of demographic factors like lifestyle, body type, age, race, education level, company culture, or company size.”

The Wondr Health brand was built to highlight the participants that are at the heart of the mission-driven company, which led to the decision to use real participants, instead of models, in every element of their brand. In doing so, the company has created a more inclusive and personalized experience that not only drives higher engagement for clients, but celebrates the people driving their mission forward.

“The name Naturally Slim didn’t convey everything the program offered or who we are—a proven program with behavioral science-based curriculum designed to work for anyone and everyone—no matter their culture, lifestyle, or food preferences,” said Lauren Goerschler, Chief Marketing Officer, Wondr Health. “Wondr represents a new era for our brand and a recommitment to our mission to do the most good for the most people. The real, inspiring stories of our participants are at the core of our new brand—how they reached their ‘why,’ conquered their personal goals, and became happier and healthier with Wondr. Through our reintroduction, we hope to reach more people and change even more lives.”

Based on extensive market research, participant and client feedback, and consumer surveys, every element of the new brand was strategically designed to highlight the core pillars of the company–diversity and acceptance, clinical expertise, mind-body health, and behavioral science. The “dr” in Wondr is a reminder that the company is 100% evidence-based, focused on clinical results, and backed by science—created by a lineup of doctors, clinicians, and scientists.

“We’ve always been about behavioral science—not counting calories. We’re about sustainable change, not the latest fix—and real mind-body connection, not gimmicks or tricks. We’re flipping diet culture upside down and providing freedom to our participants to be in their best health as their true self,” said Wondr Health Chief Marketing Officer, Lauren Goerschler. “The juxtapositions that the Wondr program embodies are the difference maker for our participants and clients—and we wanted our brand to reflect and embody that both visually and in message.”

In addition to the name, the Wondr logo is meant to represent a portal to better health. A recent study performed by the company found that the top motivator for participants to lose weight is not to look better, it is to feel better. Wondr Health is clinically-proven to help participants lose weight, sleep more, and improve their overall quality of life, and the logo is a nod to the company tenant that the door to better health should be open and accessible to all—everyone is Wondr worthy.

What clients and participants are saying about Wondr:

“Wondr Health is a program that not only piques our members’ interest with its commonsense approach to health, but also through its engaging curriculum which provides consistent success for them. The program yields strong habits for sustainable outcomes. They’re happy, healthy, and more equipped to serve.” -Sara Correnti, Manager, Health & Welfare, Concordia Plans.

“I didn’t think this program was going to work for my workgroup, nor my ethnicity, nor my gender. I didn’t think this transformation was possible, but you define Wondr. It’s what you create, and it’s the best version of you. I don’t know why every employer isn’t offering this program.” -Bridget J., Wondr Participant & Flight Attendant

In addition to its rebrand, the company has also taken steps in recent months to further strengthen its clinical science breadth and depth. As a result, Wondr Health has assembled a world class Science Advisory Board led by world renowned weight loss expert Donna Ryan MD and a host of other industry experts thereby enhancing Wondr’s evidence-based approach to future product offerings. Lastly, as part of Wondr’s commitment to make its program more reflective of and inclusive to the U.S. population, the company is growing and diversifying its instructor team and program content.

Learn more about the rebrand and what it means for employers here.

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About Wondr Health

Wondr HealthTM (formerly Naturally Slim) is a digital behavioral change program focused on improving and reversing weight related chronic conditions that helps participants improve their physical and mental wellbeing through simple, interactive, and clinically-proven skills and tools. Wondr makes an impact on all sizes and types of organization with over 800 clients to improve the lives of participants and the organizations they work for. Wondr Health prides itself in real results, we don’t pad our numbers and have third-party validated ROI and published clinical studies.


Media contact:
Alex Camara-Haworth


Media contact:
Alex Camara-Haworth