Genestra Brands® Introduces HMF® Shelf-Stable Probiotics, Probiotics That Go Anywhere You Go

Exciting advances in technology bring professional grade probiotics out of the refrigerator and into a convenient, reliable and portable option

Genestra Brands® is excited to announce the official launch of their shelf-stable HMF® Probiotic line. (Photo: Business Wire)

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario--()--Genestra Brands® is excited to announce the official launch of their shelf-stable HMF® Probiotic line. Products once relegated to the refrigerator have now expanded to shelves and countertops across North America. Utilizing technology that allows their probiotics to maintain potency levels and stability without refrigeration, Genestra Brands® has created a probiotic which is portable, convenient and reliable.

Probiotics play an integral role in maintaining a healthy intestinal balance, reducing the number of harmful bacteria while replenishing and maintaining beneficial strains. Maintaining this balance is critical for overall good health. Since not all strains provide the same benefits, it is important to choose the correct strains for the benefits you desire. Genestra Brands® has taken the work out of this and carefully formulated its products to meet your specific needs. The HMF Probiotic line provides formulas suitable for specific ages and life stages (pregnant women, infants, children, adults and seniors) as well as condition-specific formulas (IBS, antibiotic and UTI support) and general daily use.

Professional-grade probiotics are often recommended by medical doctors, naturopathic doctors or nutritionists - they are higher quality, research-driven probiotics backed by science and, until now, needed to be kept refrigerated. Historically, probiotics kept out of the refrigerator did not have guaranteed potency. Now with Genestra Brands®, there is no compromise. You can enjoy the benefits of a professional-grade probiotic that is shelf-stable with guaranteed potency right through to expiration.

Genestra Brands® is known as one of the highest quality, doctor-recommended supplement brands in Canada and has received attention for their unique approach to probiotics for more than 20 years. While there are other shelf-stable probiotics on the market, the Genestra probiotic line is distinguished by its use of proprietary human strains, otherwise known as human microflora or HMF. These probiotic strains have been chosen for their high rates of colonization, strong adherence to the gut lining and efficient colonization of the intestinal environment. HMF Shelf-Stable Probiotics provide more convenience along with the same benefits you usually obtain from our refrigerated HMF probiotic line. Beginning May 12, 2021, Genestra Brands® is launching their HMF probiotic line as shelf-stable products in selected retailers across Canada.

“Many of our customers have hectic schedules and it is important that their supplements can adjust with them.” Says Larissa Lazare, Brand Manager, Atrium Innovations. “There is convenience in having a probiotic that can go anywhere you go and being able to provide this with the same exceptional quality as the rest of our products is spectacular.” Lazare adds, “The connection with our customers is important to us, providing innovative products that meet their needs is invaluable.”

The launch of Genestra’s shelf-stable products brings an ease and convenience to not only shopping for probiotics but taking them as well. Without refrigeration, we are now able to store probiotics where (and when) we need them most; our bedside table, our purse, the office, the medicine cabinet or keeping them with us confidently while we’re traveling and on the go.

In addition to the benefits provided by the HMF shelf-stable line, all products are non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and either vegan or vegetarian.

HMF® Shelf-Stable Probiotics can be smoothly integrated into your daily routine, with the comfort of knowing you are getting all the benefits you continuously get from Genestra Brands® trusted HMF® products.

The NEW HMF® Shelf-Stable Probiotics line includes:

HMF® Multi Strain | PRICE $58.75
HMF® Multi Strain provides 16 different probiotic strains for comprehensive gastrointestinal support.

HMF® Women’s Daily | PRICE $44.00
While helping to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women, this product also helps to restore and maintain healthy vaginal flora.

HMF® Forte | PRICE $44.75
This product provides live microorganisms that temporarily modify gut flora and support intestinal health in adults and children.

HMF® Intensive | PRICE $59.75
HMF® Intensive contributes to a natural healthy gut flora and contains probiotics to supplement the normal intestinal microbiota following antibiotic therapy.

HMF® IBS Relief | PRICE $59.75
This new product helps improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) within six weeks of use and is a convenient maintenance formulation for IBS symptom relief (ages 11 years and older).

HMF® Immune (chewable) | PRICE $59.75
Incorporating vitamins C and D, HMF® Immune (chewable) reduces the risk of developing and the duration of upper respiratory tract illness in physically active adults.

Genestra Brands® products are available through our authorized retail partners, including, and select health food stores, and are sold directly through many physicians and healthcare practitioners.

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For over 30 years Genestra Brands® has supported individualized treatment plans with 350+ professional-grade products in a variety of formats, proven safe, effective and reliable.

Genestra values the importance of well-sourced ingredients and careful formulation, consciously ensuring their products are backed by clinical or traditional evidence. They care about their customers and believe in the production of targeted products that make a positive difference in the health of those who choose them. Genestra Brands® is headquartered in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada. For additional information, please visit


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For more information:
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