Getting Back to ‘Normal’: The Future of Fitness in a Post-COVID World

Gympass finds that a majority of people (64.6%) are excited to go back to gyms and studios in person

NEW YORK--()--The fitness industry has seen an immense shift over the past year as the pandemic affected routines and emphasized the need to invest in our wellbeing. As a result of these changes, many turned to fitness as an outlet. In fact, according to a recent survey by Gympass, 42.8% of people said that physical activity was the most impactful thing to take care of their mental wellbeing during the pandemic. As the transition back to ‘normal’ continues a majority of people (64.6%) are excited to go back to gyms and studios in person, changing what the fitness experience will look like moving forward.

“Fitness at its core is all about community, and this past year pushed us to learn how to connect and workout in a new way through virtual workouts. While that may have taken the lead throughout the pandemic, many people are eager to get back and safely engage in in-person workouts,” said Cesar Carvalho CEO and co-founder of Gympass. “At Gympass we have seen firsthand the demand and resurgence of in-person workouts as the US begins to slowly reopen. Fitness is a great way to invest in overall wellbeing, and I firmly believe that whether you move your body for five minutes or fifty it will have a positive impact and empower you to feel good.”

To look into this further, Gympass conducted a survey to uncover the insights driving the industry. Key findings include:

Not a one-size-fits-all approach: While virtual workouts seemed to gain popularity throughout the pandemic, almost half of consumers (48.2%) actually did not try virtual workouts during the pandemic.

Active for life: 89% of respondents believe they will stay just as active or even more active, even after they return to the office, indicating that the return to office will correspond to an increase in physical activity.

The hybrid future: Over the next 6 months, 41.8% say their fitness regimen will be in-person, while 20.9% say they’ll do a hybrid of virtual and in-person.

Taking it up a notch: While most people (33.1%) spend 1-2 hours per week on their fitness routine, a majority of those people (67.1%) would like to spend more time on their fitness routine.

“During the pandemic, many people have broken old habits and created new ones. One habit that we’ve seen come into focus for many is physical fitness, which is starting to play a more leading role in peoples’ lives.” said, Steve Padis, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development at Barry’s. “Between more flexible work schedules, the desire for stress relief, and associated health benefits highlighted by the pandemic, people are making more time to exercise. Similarly, after a year of isolation, many yearn for days of social engagement and human interaction. As we safely open our doors again, we’ve seen the energy and joy that the in-person experience can bring. At the heart of Barry’s is community and we believe now more than ever, this community will help bring people optimism and motivation.”

As people continue to adapt their fitness routines to the changing state of the pandemic, there is also a desire for their employers to play a part in supporting their overall wellbeing as well. Recent findings showed that 51.5% say their employer does not currently offer fitness benefits, and 63.4% wish that they did, emphasizing the need for employers to continue to find ways to support their employees. With fitness being instrumental not only to peoples’ health but overall productivity, it is essential that employers invest in the right tools and resources for their employees.

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A national online survey of 1,000 US employed consumers, ages 18+ was conducted by Propeller Insights between April 15-21, 2021. Respondents opted into an online database, from there, they were targeted based on demographics. The maximum margin of sampling error was +/- 3 percentage points with a 95 percent level of confidence.


Sophia Feleke
SourceCode Communications


Sophia Feleke
SourceCode Communications