Linc Launches New Auto-Delivery Digital Worker to Help Retailers Seamlessly Facilitate Auto-Delivery Subscriptions

By combining notification and automated conversational assistance, brands and retailers can reduce friction and increase adoption of auto-delivery programs.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today, Linc announced the launch of the Auto-Delivery Digital Worker; a new solution on its CX Automation platform that enables retailers to increase the number of auto-delivery subscription users through automated, consultative shopping experiences. The Auto-Delivery Digital Worker intuitively informs customers which items are eligible for auto-delivery and effortlessly facilitates subscription sign-ups and modifications.

The increase of online shopping makes auto-delivery subscription initiatives more important for generating revenue and increasing customer lifetime value. While many brands have long had auto-delivery programs in place, few were able to deliver a frictionless customer experience for subscription management. This causes performance and growth of the program to suffer. Linc's new Auto-Delivery Digital Worker is purpose built to solve these challenges.

“A frictionless auto-delivery experience touches so many aspects of a shopper’s journey. Customers want to try out the product first before they decide whether they want to subscribe. Most sign up processes require the customer to come back to the site, causing customer confusion and a low sign-up rate. Then there’s subscription modification needs, such as skipping a month, or adding or removing items. Shoppers often realize these needs when they are not in front of a screen and retailers are struggling for ideas on how to create a frictionless experience around the direct service moment. Linc’s new Auto-Delivery Digital Worker helps retailers provide a frictionless experience throughout all of these service moments, and directly improves the adoption rate of an auto-delivery program,” says Fang Cheng, CEO and Co-Founder of Linc.

The Auto-Delivery Digital Worker uniquely combines notification and automated chat functionalities to intuitively manage a customer’s subscription needs. Personalized, conversational assistance guides shoppers to sign-up and schedule their deliveries based on their needs and provides ongoing updates and reminders through regular touchpoints. The Digital Worker also features personal shopping profile management built in. This ensures that customers are always presented with individual recommendations on subscriptions based on their preferences, such as color, flavor, packaging size and more.

The Auto-Delivery Digital Worker is designed to meet the needs of busy consumers by facilitating ongoing future purchases without any additional time and effort. Key capabilities include:

  • Uniquely combining notification and automated chat to capture and create moments of shopper needs while getting resolution for the shopper.
  • Conversational assistance across a wide range of subscription management needs, such as:
    • Signup, reminder,
    • Modify frequency,
    • Skip a month,
    • Adding/removing items,
    • Auto delivery notifications.
  • A personal shopping profile management to ensure that recommendations of items (as well as the exact variant, such as color shade, flavor, and packaging size) to subscribe to is always individualized.

Linc’s Auto-Delivery Digital Worker is the newest addition to the platform’s portfolio of a wide array of digital workers, that together automate over 85% of customer inquiries throughout the entire customer journey.

To learn more about the Auto-Delivery Digital Worker, visit

About Linc

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Paolo Ramos/North 6th Agency for Linc


Paolo Ramos/North 6th Agency for Linc