Airspace Launches New Tracking Solution – AirTrace – to Provide Ultimate Visibility on Time-Critical Shipments

New solution tracks exact location, temperature, humidity, motion, and light exposure throughout a package’s shipping journey and seamlessly integrates with the Airspace platform

SAN DIEGO--()--Airspace, the leader in time-critical shipping, launches AirTraceTM – the industry’s first fully integrated solution to monitor time-critical shipments in real time through the Airspace platform. About the size of a small mobile phone, the tracking device — paired with AirTrace’s integration within the Airspace platform — is placed within packages shipped via Airspace to monitor the exact location, temperature, humidity, motion, shock, and light exposure of the package within a set time period as determined by each customer’s unique needs. The entire journey of the shipment is tracked and visible to clients in real time on the Airspace platform and shareable reports are available on demand.

With a focus on ease of use, Airspace enables users to simply enter the AirTrace ID into their shipping details in the Airspace platform and drop the tracking device supplied by Airspace in their package. Once AirTrace is enabled, the system monitors the shipment’s exact location, temperature, humidity, shock, motion, and light exposure in real time within the Airspace platform. No special labeling, documentation, or routing entry to third-party platforms is required.

“We created AirTrace to solve a major pain point for our customers – real-time transparency of their urgent packages,” said Nick Bulcao, Airspace Co-Founder and CEO. “When you are shipping organs for transplant, COVID-19 vaccines, and other delicate life-saving goods, it’s critical to track and monitor those shipments every step of the way in order to trust that your time-critical goods will be delivered securely and on time. In our industry, this can often mean the difference between life and death.”

Airspace has already set new standards for the logistics industry. In March, Airspace launched its patented Logistical Management System — an industry-first, automated solution that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence — to create optimal shipping routes within just seconds, as opposed to the industry standard of over an hour. This technology, combined with AirTrace, enables users to route, ship, and monitor time-critical packages faster and more transparently than ever experienced in the logistics industry.

“Our technology aims to fundamentally raise the bar for time-critical shipping. First, we created a platform to find the most optimal path for transporting a package from pickup to destination using machine learning and AI. This significantly increased routing speeds and certainty of delivery,” said Airspace Co-Founder and CTO Ryan Rusnak. “With AirTrace, our customers can monitor their package through its entire journey knowing it’s on the fastest possible route and it’s safe.”

See Rusnak explain what makes AirTrace a game-changer for time-critical shipments in this video.

Airspace has shipped over 500,000 packages to date, many of them organs for transplant and other critical healthcare shipments, and estimates those deliveries have positively impacted more than 180,000 lives. The company is on pace to grow by over 100% in 2021 as the number of customers looking for fast and secure time-critical logistics services continues to expand rapidly.

Airspace offers three AirTrace pricing plans to fit every organization's unique shipping needs.

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Airspace, founded in 2016, has grown to be a leading global delivery network for time-critical logistics. Airspace makes shipping faster, safer, and more transparent than ever through people, service, and technology. Our vision is to create the most trusted delivery network the world has ever seen, operating 24/7/365. To learn more, visit Follow Airspace: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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Release Summary

Airspace launches AirTrace – industry’s first fully integrated solution to monitor time-critical shipments in real time through Airspace platform.

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