Ag-West Bio: Research Snapshots Shed Light on the Diverse Field Crops Cluster Research Activities

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan--()--A unique alliance has given seven high-potential prairie crops some much-deserved research attention. The Diverse Field Crops Cluster (DFCC) supports the research and development of camelina, canary seed, flax, hemp, mustard, quinoa, and sunflower.

DFCC activities focus on agronomy, variety development, and value-add initiatives. A new series of ‘research snapshots’ describe the 16 different activities at the half-way mark in the five-year program. DFCC is managed by Ag-West Bio with funding from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Canadian Agricultural Partnership Program and industry partners.

Karen Churchill, president and CEO of Ag-West Bio says Ag-West Bio is pleased to provide support to DFCC. “This is an important program that aligns industry and researchers and opens new opportunities for producers.”

DFCC Project Manager Carol Ann Patterson says the snapshots illustrate the hard work of researchers, cluster members and industry partners. “The articles shed light on the research behind innovative and unique Canadian crops.”

The crops are represented by Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, Canary Seed Development Commission of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission, Smart Earth Camelina Corporation, Manitoba Crop Alliance, Mustard 21 Canada Inc, and Northern Quinoa Production Corporation.

For more information and to read the research snapshots visit the Diverse Field Crops Cluster website.

About Ag-West Bio: Ag-West Bio is Saskatchewan’s bioscience industry association. The company works as a connector and a catalyst for industry growth in the bioeconomy through investments, aiding strategic alliances, and providing business planning support, regulatory advice, and communications. Funding for Ag-West Bio is provided by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) program.


Camelina for companion animals: canine and equine oil supplements
Cultivating camelina’s unique traits provides more opportunities to prairie producers

Canary Seed
Watch for canary seed (alpiste) as a new food ingredient

Developing new flax varieties to meet the needs of industry
Researchers work to improve disease resistance in flax
Researchers take proactive approach to flax quality

GxE: Learning how agronomic conditions affect the hemp industry in Canada
Heavy metals: understanding hemp’s affinity for cadmium
A hemp meal for dairy cows

Better yields with condiment mustard hybrids
A crop with big potential: Brassica carinata
Herbicide-tolerant mustard gives farmers more opportunity and flexibility in the field
Adding mustard to the mix: Researchers look at adding special crops to conventional crop rotation systems.
Beyond the hotdog: innovative uses of yellow mustard

Quinoa: It’s a Canadian thing!

A budding opportunity: sunflower variety development benefits Canadian value-chains


Jackie Robin
Communications Director
Ag-West Bio
306 668-2656

Release Summary

A series of ‘research snapshots’ describe Diverse Field Crops Cluster research on camelina, canary seed, flax, hemp, mustard, quinoa, and sunflower.

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Jackie Robin
Communications Director
Ag-West Bio
306 668-2656