Measured Intelligence Suite Helps Brands Navigate Recent Upheaval in Advertising Attribution

Incrementality Measurement and Source of Truth Reporting Inform Cross-Channel Media Investment Decisions


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How is my marketing performing overall today? What is working? What can I do to change performance? Where should I invest to deliver maximum return? Flexible and highly customizable dashboards, reports, and forecasting tools provide detailed cross-channel and granular views to answer your most pressing questions. Optimization reports provide the latest performance data, analysis and specific recommendations on where to fund, scale, reduce or evaluate media investments, based on your stated business goals.

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--As increasing data and online tracking restrictions put pressure on marketers to find alternative ways to measure and optimize advertising performance, Measured, a leading provider of incrementality measurement solutions, today revealed the Measured Intelligence SuiteTM for smart media investment decisions.

By 2016, attribution experts had failed for more than a decade to deliver on the lofty promises of multi-touch attribution (MTA) and measurement beyond last click. Measured was founded by advertising industry veterans to develop a new measurement approach, based on incrementality testing and experimentation, that remained transparent and independent from platform bias and didn’t require third-party data or user-level tracking to be effective.

“When we started Measured, data privacy was a growing global concern and we saw the writing on the wall. The challenges to MTA would become insurmountable with increasing restrictions on data use - so we started building for the reality we are facing today,” said Trevor Testwuide, CEO and cofounder of Measured. “The recent policy updates from tech companies like Google, Apple and Facebook are just the latest in a series of privacy-driven changes that will require brands to adapt how they track and measure. We built our company in anticipation of this moment. It’s literally why we exist.”

Rooted in innovative experimental design, Measured’s approach uses compliant first-party reporting and direct integrations into hundreds of sources to reveal the true incremental contribution of media to sales. Growing brands like ButcherBox, Drizly, Fabletics, and Faherty Brand have used Measured solutions to inform cross-channel investment decisions and scale media for growth.

“Performance reports from different platforms provide conflicting results that don’t add up. We brought in Measured as an unbiased solution to reveal the true incremental contribution of each media channel and tactic - so we could allocate investments to maximize growth,” said Scott Braun, CMO at Drizly, North America's largest ecommerce alcohol marketplace. “When the global pandemic hit, Measured helped us navigate the drastic shifts in consumer lifestyles and behavior. Now, as new regulations and privacy policies force brands to reevaluate how they track and measure, we’re leaning on Measured's expertise to help us continually understand the incremental value of the dollars we spend."

Measured Intelligence SuiteTM is a comprehensive set of SaaS-delivered solutions that provide brands with ongoing, actionable cross-channel media insights and a privacy-compliant marketing data warehouse (MDW).

mMDWTM is a configurable data operating platform, purpose built for marketing analytics that unifies, stores, and operationalizes data from across the business.

  • Ingests data from 100+ API integrations and includes support for non-API vendors.
  • Collects and anonymizes consent data with user-level data in a data clean room provided for every client.
  • Guarantees data quality and consistency with a 40-point QA check process and automated backup and recovery.
  • Includes built-in compliance support for the latest privacy regulations.

mExperimentTM executes scientifically proven experiments, meticulously designed for the unique requirements, operations, and data sets of each platform.

  • Identifies waste and informs scale opportunities across all addressable and non-addressable channels.
  • Provides quick, actionable insights starting with incrementality analysis of historical data.
  • Conducts ongoing in-market experiments using audience split, geo-matched market and scale testing.
  • Continuously updates experiment designs to adapt to any new policies or technology changes made by platforms.

mDecisionsTM provides marketers, executives and data professionals a reliable source of truth through customized dashboards and reports.

  • Reveals latest performance data in comprehensive cross-channel views down to granular results at tactic, audience, and adset levels.
  • Provides optimization reports with recommended actions based on stated growth objectives.
  • Identifies diminishing return curves and marginal metrics for saturation, indicating where to grow and how far to scale.

"Measured provides us and our portfolio companies with a trusted common language for finance and marketing to agree on how to best invest in paid media,” said Jay Sung, Operating Partner and CMO at Brentwood Associates who helps portfolio companies like Boston Proper, J. McLaughlin, Really Good Stuff and Soft Surroundings optimize their marketing programs. During a very challenging time in retail, Measured has proven to be an invaluable partner, by identifying potential efficiency gains and opportunities for growth then recommending the steps to capitalize on them.”

During the past 12 months, Measured increased revenue by 250% and added new engagements with popular brands including Dermalogica, GrubHub, Afterpay and Parachute - a strong indication that incrementality measurement and a compliant option for managing and using marketing data are in high demand. Measured was also recently named Best Measurement or Analytics Capability by AdExchanger and Best Attribution Provider by Digiday in their 2020 awards programs.

To learn more about incrementality measurement and the Measured Intelligence Suite, visit the new Measured website at

About Measured

Measured helps brands grow by identifying media’s incremental contribution to business outcomes and providing a single source of truth for media investment decisions. The Measured Intelligence SuiteTM provides marketers with transparent experimentation across all media channels and tactics and delivers ongoing actionable insights to increase efficiency and scale media for maximum growth. Measured experiments are powered by a marketing data warehouse (MDW) that was purpose built for analytics, providing a privacy-compliant place to store, manage and utilize valuable marketing data from across the business.

Since Measured was founded by attribution industry veterans in 2017, customers like Birdies, Johnny Was, Rosetta Stone and TechStyle have used incrementality measurement to make informed decisions that increase media performance and drive business growth. For more information, visit


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Measured incrementality testing and source of truth reporting solve marketing attribution challenges and inform cross-channel investment decisions.

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