Global Supply Chain Leaders Pioneer New Model for Digitizing Supply Chain Operations

“The Visibility Council” brings together the most influential players in supply chain to collaborate and shape next generation digital supply chain networks

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--The Visibility Council, a coalition of leading supply chain executives who are committed to accelerating transformation in supply chain, today announced the launch of its first set of collaborative initiatives – projects designed to accelerate the development and adoption of next generation supply chain practices through cross-enterprise ideation, exploration, investment, and execution. Over the next six months, The Visibility Council members will work together in cross-industry initiative teams, staffed by members and their direct reports, to identify their most burgeoning needs, and develop collaborative frameworks for addressing these needs – including ideation, creation, and investment in possible solutions.

Launched in June 2020, The Visibility Council brought together a who’s-who of industry-leading supply chain officers, innovative technologists, thought leaders, and investors, all of whom came together to push for advances across their function. This novel, collaborative, and cross-industry approach has provided a platform for members of The Visibility Council to pool insights, perspectives, and resources to collectively lead the transformation of supply chain operations.

John Church, Chief Supply Chain Officer, General Mills and Visibility Council member explains, “The significance of this transformation requires coordination, cooperation, and significant innovation throughout the supply chain ecosystem. Corporations cannot transform themselves alone; they must transform in concert with others in their supply networks, including technology and service providers.”

Other notable participants include top supply chain executives from Colgate-Palmolive, Microsoft, and Roche; technology disruptors including Cloudleaf, e2log, and Mercado Labs; thought leaders like Stanford Professor Dr. Hau Lee, and veteran supply chain and operations chiefs Bill Read (Accenture), Rebecca Jacoby (Cisco), Frank Jones (Intel) and Tim Harden (AT&T); and investors including Supply Chain Ventures and Ironspring Ventures. The Visibility Council was founded in collaboration with CHi Studios, an organization that aims to promote collaborative transformation in a variety of areas.

“We recognized an enormous opportunity to accelerate the supply chain transformation by sharing insights and coordinating actions among the most influential and powerful individuals and organizations in the industry, all within a safe, Chatham House Rule-governed environment,” said Ben Bellamy, managing partner, co-founder at The Visibility Council. “We’re honored to have such brilliant minds come together in a pursuit of a more visible – and thus resilient, agile, efficient, and sustainable – supply chain discipline, which will have a great impact on our businesses, our economies, and our planet.”

The Visibility Council believes there is no better time to push for collective transformation in supply chain networks. Digitizing supply chains, already one of the most critical cogs in the global economy, has become even more crucial in the recent year. Coming together to accelerate this movement is the goal of The Visibility Council.

“This is an extraordinary window in time to fast-track the industry-wide digital transformation of the supply chain,” said Mahesh Veerina, CEO at Cloudleaf and founding member of The Visibility Council. “The vision and industry experience within the Council, combined with the generous sharing of ideas, technology innovations, and best practices, will result in a massive shift in how next generation supply chains are designed and operated, benefiting all industries.”

“Over the next decade, supply chain operations across industries will transform significantly from linear, manual, pre-defined and transactional operations to digitally connected, intelligent, automated, and agile networks,” said Bill Read, senior advisor and board director. “Successful early movers will gain a competitive advantage while those who lag, or make missteps, will risk significant and perhaps irreparable consequences. The Visibility Council is meant to bring together those early movers and create a next generation of supply chains that will serve our current and future communities to the fullest.”

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About The Visibility Council

The Visibility Council is a diverse, multi-industry coalition of leading supply chain executives who come together to accelerate the transformation of supply chain operations, creating more visible, agile, resilient, efficient and sustainable fulfillment networks. Founded by a group of leading supply chain executives in collaboration with CHi Studios, members include top supply chain executives at Colgate-Palmolive, General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and Roche; along with technology innovators such as Cloudleaf, e2Log and Mercado Labs; investors such as Supply Chain Ventures and Ironspring Ventures; and thought leaders such as Stanford Professor Hau Lee and veteran supply chain and operations chiefs Bill Read (Accenture), Rebecca Jacoby (Cisco), Frank Jones (Intel) and Tim Harden (AT&T).


Ben Bellamy


Ben Bellamy