Cardiac Insight Reports Increased Cardea 20/20 ECG™ Sales to Screen Young Athletes for Conditions at Risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Increased diagnostic precautions for athletes to detect cardiac conditions tied to sudden cardiac arrest amplified due to long-term COVID-19 cardiac risk concerns


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Jonathan Drezner, MD, Director of Sports Cardiology, discusses the importance of ECG technology for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) screening.

BELLEVUE, Wash.--()--Cardiac Insight, Inc., a healthcare innovator specializing in wearable electrocardiogram (ECG) cardiac sensors and proven automated ECG analysis that delivers innovative solutions and highly differentiated benefits to healthcare providers, clinicians, and patients, reported over a 70% surge in sales of its market leading Cardea 20/20 ECG™ technology in the first quarter of 2021.

Cardea 20/20 ECG™ is the only FDA cleared electrocardiograph system with the International Criteria for Electrocardiographic Interpretation in Athletes built into its interpretation algorithm, along with other proprietary algorithm enhancements. Cardea 20/20 ECG enables physicians to quickly identify difficult-to-diagnose cardiac abnormalities, such as those associated with increased risks of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in active youth and athletes, using a 16-second noninvasive test.

“The Cardea 20/20 ECG System was designed specifically to detect cardiac risk conditions in active young adults. We’ve experienced a strong demand for screenings and have geared up to support that demand as athletes at all levels of play – professional, collegiate and high school – return to sports, and as physicians exercise caution surrounding potential health risks associated with the COVID-19 virus,” said Brad Harlow, Cardiac Insight’s CEO. “With concerns around the long-term implications of COVID-19 on the heart, no matter the age, we anticipate increased use of a 12-lead ECG screening test as the de facto standard of care as part of an overall comprehensive Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE).”

Cardea 20/20 ECG™ has the industry’s lowest false-positive rate for athlete ECG interpretation at approximately 2%, compared to up to 30% false-positive rates reported by standard ECG interpretation systems. Reducing unnecessary false-positive results and its ease of use have made Cardea 20/20 ECG the leading system trusted by over 650 organizations and charitable foundations to conduct PPE, cardiac screening programs and cardiac research nationwide.

“A simple heart screening can help detect problems before they become major medical issues or result in sudden cardiac arrest,” said Evan Ernst, Executive Director at Who We Play For, a Florida-based non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate preventable sudden cardiac death in the young through affordable heart screenings. “Our organization empowers schools, sports clubs and communities to provide affordable, efficient, and non-invasive heart screenings for every student, no matter their level of athletics, socio-economic status or geographical location. Cardiac Insight’s 20/20 ECG Systems are an integral part of our comprehensive and growing ECG screening program initiative. Over the past year we have seen an uptick in detections of previously undiagnosed heart conditions in young athletes that, if left untreated, could have resulted in more serious cardiac issues, including the avoidable tragedy of sudden cardiac arrest and death.”

“Detecting pathologic cardiac conditions in athletes can be difficult with standard ECG technology because it is not tailored to the normal physiologic findings present in adolescents and young adults engaged in regular exercise,” said Jonathan Drezner, MD, a world-renowned expert, Director of UW Medicine Center for Sports Cardiology, and Medical Director of the Nick of Time Foundation in Seattle, Washington. “For the sports medicine community, if you didn’t have ECG as a tool in your toolbox before the pandemic, I think you do now. You almost have to. It’s become so much more important in the COVID-19 era.”

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ABOUT CARDIAC INSIGHT, INC.: Cardiac Insight, Inc. ( is a leading U.S. digital healthcare innovation company specializing in the development of medical-grade, body-worn ECG sensor technology and automated cardiac analysis solutions through its proprietary algorithms and software platforms. The company’s products include the Cardea SOLO™ wearable ECG Sensor and Software Analysis System, and the Cardea 20/20 ECG™ – the only resting ECG System designed for cardiac risk screening in young athletes at all levels of play. Follow Cardiac Insight on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest news and information.


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Cardiac Insight, Inc. reported over a 70% surge in sales of its market leading Cardea 20/20 ECG™ technology in the first quarter of 2021.

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