Inland Empire Health Plan Improves Specialty Care Access for Inmates During Pandemic with eConsult from Safety Net Connect

Study reveals Converge eConsult platform enabled county jail systems to safely and rapidly increase access to specialty care.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--()--Safety Net Connect (SNC), a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions, is pleased to announce the results from an Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) study on the implementation and impact of eConsult in two Southern California county jail systems, which increased safe, timely access to specialty care while reducing the need for in-person specialist visits.

The study published in the March 2021 volume of NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery, reviewed the impact of Safety Net Connect’s eConsult platform (Converge) on the care of inmates at Riverside County Correctional Health Services (RCCHS) and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBCSD), in partnership with specialists from Riverside University Health Systems (RUHC) and Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC), respectively.

Results show that over a 12-month period, 20% of all cases typically referred for in-person specialist visits were treated onsite by Primary Care Providers after consultation with the RUHC and ARMC specialists. Part of this comes from the ability for a specialist to utilize eConsult to recommend the PCP order laboratory tests or imaging prior to the patient’s specialist visit, rather than ordering them at the visit and having to schedule another appointment when the testing is complete. Overall, analysis shows SNC’s implementation saved jails between $70,000 and $262,325 annually, while providing quality care.

“eConsult enabled us to bring high-quality specialty care to inmates during the pandemic, often in less than a day,” says lead author Dr. Stanley Frencher Jr., Medical Director of IEHP’s Multi-County eConsult Initiative and CEO of HubMD, a nonprofit virtual care medical group dedicated to improving access for vulnerable patients. “By avoiding travel both within and beyond jails when it wasn’t necessary, we were able to reduce risk for our patients, for the physicians, and for the jail staff—including everyone they come into contact with.”

One provider at RCCHS noted that prior to implementation of Converge eConsult, high-priority patients who received referrals typically had to wait somewhere between two weeks and two months before meeting with a specialist at RUHS. From July 2019 through July 2020, 48% of the submitted eConsults at RCCHS were resolved without an in-person specialist visit, with a median specialist response time of 18.5 hours. At SBCSD, 17% were resolved without an in-person specialist visit with a median response time of 10.3 hours.

“We created Converge eConsult to increase equity and access to healthcare,” shared Chris Cruttenden of SNC. “Results like this show that we can change the way we deliver care without impacting (and often even improving) the quality of care delivered.”

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Kristine Nash-Wong

Release Summary

Inland Empire Health Plan study in SoCal jail systems shows Safety Net Connect eConsult increased specialty care access and reduced in-person visits.


Kristine Nash-Wong