Global Healthcare Platform Ask The Doctor to Use Cardano for World’s First Utility Healthcare Token in Africa

Ask The Doctor co-founders Dikembe Mutombo and Israel Idonije. (Photo: Business Wire)

TORONTO--()--Ask The Doctor, a global digital health platform that publishes health & wellness content and creates SaaS solutions for healthcare professionals, announced they will switch their AskToken, an Ethereum ERC-20 token, over to Cardano. Co-founded by Dikembe Mutombo, Israel Idonije, Prakash Chand and Dr. Patrick A. Golden, the platform created the world’s first utility healthcare token which is launching first in Africa before being deployed in other parts of the world.

The AskToken is a joint venture between Ask The Doctor and global cryptocurrency investment fund FD7 Ventures. As a utility token, or a blockchain-based asset that people can use for future products or services, the AskToken aims to help educate people about basic healthcare. In return, it rewards them with a digital currency that enables them to pay for doctors and medications when needed.

“Imagine a world where those who can't afford basic healthcare now have the opportunity to both gain valuable health-related education while getting rewarded with a digital currency that allows them to pay for doctors and medications," said Prakash Chand, who is a founding member of both Ask The Doctor and FD7 Ventures.

Lack of health education and misinformation is an issue that has significant impact on the quality of life in Africa. For instance, in Kenya, women’s menstrual health is considered a taboo subject that can lead to girls being excluded from school, banned from activities, and going to desperate lengths to gain access to sanitary supplies. The AskToken plans to address issues like these and overall health and hygiene information in hopes of significantly improving quality of life in Africa and beyond.

Ask The Doctor is switching from ERC-20 to Cardano because of Ethereum’s high gas fees. The team commented that they feel Cardano and IOHK’s current presence and penetration in Africa will help accelerate Ask The Doctor’s goal of providing equal healthcare access to all. Chand has already had preliminary meetings with the IOHK team and hopes the conversion gets completed in the next 60 days.

Another reason behind the AskToken first launching in Africa is because two of the Ask The Doctor founders have a presence on the continent. Dikembe Mutombo is a Congolese American 18-year NBA veteran who built the 30-million-dollar Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Israel Idonije was born in Africa but raised in Canada. He is an 11-year NFL veteran whose foundation, iF Charities, does philanthropy work across Nigeria and the rest of Africa to build schools and support clean water projects.

“With Dikembe and Israel opening doors in Africa, we feel the adoption of the AskToken will be accelerated,” said Chand.

Other notable Ask The Doctor shareholders include Wattpad founder, Allen Lau, social impact entrepreneur Jay Rosenzweig, founder Sanjay Singhal, Canadian Dragon Dens star Michele Romanow, Polymath founder Trevor Koverko and NHL star and Hockey Diversity Alliance founder Evander Kane.

Chand said he is also excited to have his global network of healthcare practitioners on the Links by Ask The Doctor Network participate in helping those in need in Africa.

“We have some of the top physicians, dentists and other healthcare practitioners in the world on our platform, including top celebrity dentist Dr. Amira Ogunleye,” continued Chand.

Prakash’s fund, FD7 Ventures, recently purchased a large holding in Cardano because of his belief in Charles Hoskinson and the mission of the IOHK team.

“I love the business philosophy that Charles has. He is passionate about using Cardano to make the world a better place. It’s a refreshing change from hearing Bitcoin investors just talk about price and profits all day long,” concluded Chand.

About Prakash Chand

Chand is a visionary who helped facilitate the world’s first telemedicine transaction over 25 years ago with Dr. Patrick A. Golden of Fresno California. Chand is also an early adopter of Bitcoin and holder of Bitcoin since 2011. In 2015, Chand started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for people looking for medical advice, 6 years before Tesla made an announcement that they will potentially accept Bitcoin for payment. He is a founding member of both Ask The Doctor and global cryptocurrency investment fund FD7 Ventures.


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Abdul Ilyad
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