Gutenberg Technology and The AI Institute Partner To Help Content Providers Develop Adaptive Learning Experiences at Dramatically Lower Cost

The AI Technology will Complement GT’s Award-winning Content Management Platform

BOSTON--()--Gutenberg Technology (GT), provider of the premier end-to-end content management and distribution platform for education and training organizations, and the AI Institute, which has developed a personalized learning assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI), announced today that they will be partnering to deliver AI-based technology to their clients to create cost-effective, adaptive learning experiences.

Education companies and institutions in K-12, higher education, and professional skills training are struggling to identify economical ways to develop richer experiences that help each learner to learn faster and more efficiently. For example, research suggests learners forget approximately 50 percent of what they encounter after one hour, and approximately 70 percent within 24 hours. There are many reasons for this, but two significant limitations of many digital learning experiences are that 1) many online courses advance through the curriculum by providing instruction and assessment but don’t recycle and reinforce the understanding days and weeks later, and 2) the learning experience is the same for every student, rather than being tailored for the specific needs of each individual learner.

Thanks to advancements in learning science and technology, learning can now be made more interactive, adaptive and personalized at much lower cost. Gjergj Demiraj, CEO of Gutenberg Technology said, “We started to ask ourselves, given the rich developments in AI and the learning sciences, what tools would enable education companies to develop products that drive more active and individualized learning? How can we help our clients leverage existing content in novel ways to better engage learners so they actually retain and apply what they learn?”

GT and the AI Institute are creating tools that allow education companies to re-engineer their content to provide each student with a personalized learning pathway and an AI-driven learning assistant that prompts learners with questions as they engage with the material, provides help, and tests them periodically. Research in spatial learning has shown that more robust memories are formed when new information is recalled on a regular basis, even if for very short durations, allowing “memory anchoring” to take place, and thus making it much more likely that the learner will be able to recall the information later.

“AI technology advancements can transform the creation and consumption of educational content. Research clearly shows that this type of “memory anchoring” technique greatly improves the learner’s ability to retain information, and efficiently identify knowledge gaps that the student may have,” said François-Xavier Hussherr, founder of the AI Institute.

“Innovations such as the AI learning assistant complement our existing content suite and align perfectly with GT’s expertise providing education companies and institutions with tools to easily create engaging and impactful adaptive experiences rapidly at scale,” said Demiraj.

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Gutenberg Technology (GT) transforms how content is created, reused, and distributed at scale. The company’s end-to-end content management platform enables organizations to author and distribute print and digital content from within a single workflow – speeding time to market and reducing costs. The world’s largest publishers, certification organizations, and universities rely on GT to transform legacy content into new, engaging educational products. To learn more, visit or go to LinkedIn or Twitter.

About the AI Institute

The AI Institute is a Boston and Paris based company that transforms knowledge using search and indexing technology powered by AI and Natural Language Processing and trained on an extensive corpus of content that has never been crawled by Google or other search engines.

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Release Summary

GT and the AI Institute will be partnering to deliver AI-based technology to their clients to create cost-effective, adaptive learning experiences.


Katie Sutton
(781) 908-0434