PRO Unlimited Launches Industry’s First Fully Integrated AI Direct Sourcing Platform

DirectSource PRO uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help employers find the best talent for their needs through one centralized platform, driving unprecedented efficiency and cost savings.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--PRO Unlimited, the modern workforce management solutions provider, announced its DirectSource PRO platform to help organizations source the best candidates from their own private talent pools. Leveraging AI capabilities powered by its exclusive partnership with Eightfold AI, DirectSource PRO enables employers to complete the entire sourcing process more efficiently – from identifying candidates that meet predetermined criteria (D&I priorities, location requirements, etc.) to submitting queries to these candidates.

Direct sourcing, or the filling of contingent requisitions with qualified workers that an organization sources from its own private talent pool, can drive cost savings, improved talent quality and faster time to fill. But to effectively implement an enterprise direct-sourcing program and realize these benefits, it’s critical that various technology and service components are not only present, but also seamlessly integrated. Disparate point solutions from multiple vendors can cause incomplete, fractured and inefficient workflows. This results in increased costs ranging up to 30% markup points above the cost to employ contingent workers compared to a single solution, equating from tens to hundreds of millions in cost savings for large, global enterprises.

DirectSource PRO offers employers the industry’s first “one-stop” centralized platform, with key features including:

  • AI/Machine Learning-powered SaaS Technology: Helps identify the best candidates for positions quickly and easily, as well as fostering a diverse workforce.
  • Direct-Sourcing Curation Services: Enables organizations to leverage their brand to establish, grow and manage a company’s direct-sourced talent pool to realize optimal results.
  • Data and Global Rate Intelligence: Provides access to the world’s largest contingent workforce data set of global market rate data to ensure accurate market pay rates for resources worldwide.
  • Program Management and Analytics: Delivers the critical visibility necessary to confirm all aspects of the program are running efficiently.
  • Payroll and Compliance Solution: Allows companies to better manage enterprise payrolling services, including worker benefit packages, worker compliance services, timecard and expense management and more.

“When powered by cutting-edge technology and human expertise, a single direct-sourcing platform eliminates disjointed communication between parties. It also reduces confusion and inefficiencies created by overlapping responsibilities, and aligns all interactions to one service team,” said Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of PRO Unlimited. “DirectSource PRO is an industry game-changer as it provides companies with a single strategic partner for all their direct-sourcing needs. This platform will power significant cost savings and drive many other benefits, including improved talent quality and faster time to fill for the Global 2000, giving them a significant competitive advantage.”

PRO's direct-sourcing platform is available now to all PRO customers.

About PRO Unlimited

Servicing hundreds of the world’s most recognizable brands, PRO Unlimited offers modern workforce management and a partner ecosystem supported by data, software, intelligence and services to meet your flexible workforce needs. PRO’s Modern Workforce Management Platform can adapt quickly to regional or industry economic shifts, and provides the speed, scale, flexibility, transparency and expertise to serve as the holistic platform for the modern workforce. Headquartered in San Francisco, PRO has helped global brands and organizations achieve operational and financial success for more than 30 years. For more information, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Gillian Roberts


Gillian Roberts