PoliteMail Internal Communications Benchmark Report Reveals 72% Increase in Corporate Email Volume in 2020

Annual Benchmark Report for 10 Industry Sectors Reveals Key Metrics Driven by Remote Workforce Shift

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.--()--PoliteMail Software, a provider of email intelligence analytics for corporate communications, today released its annual Internal Communications Benchmarks report, a comprehensive study of the effectiveness of employee email broadcasts.

PoliteMail’s 2021 Internal Communications Benchmarks Data Report provides data on email reach, readership and engagement with key metrics evidencing email as the most effective corporate communications channel. This report provides overall benchmarks, as well individual metrics and trends across 10 S&P industry sections, including technology, healthcare, industrial, financial services, materials and more.

“Our annual report provides insightful data for executives, corporate communications teams, and HR personnel regarding how well the email channel works to engage employees,” said Michael DesRochers, founder and managing director of PoliteMail. “With intelligence extracted from nearly 1.5 billion internal emails sent to 8.5 million employees around the world, this report provides visual evidence that email had more relevancy than ever during 2020, as a crisis disrupted the way people work.”

The report shows internal email broadcast volume up 72% in 2020 compared to the prior year, with the highest volumes of email sent to employees during April and May. Email volume in minutes of content was up 58% over 2019, and overall email engagement, which measures reading, clicking and reply interactions, was up by 71% over the previous year. Shifts in volume, frequency, readership and engagement are attributed to the move to remote work and reliance on digital communications during a global pandemic, with email serving as a primary method of sharing important corporate news and information.

Highlights of the Benchmark report include:

  • Corporate communicators sent 72% more email broadcasts in 2020, and increased minutes of content by 58% over 2019
  • Changes to reach, readership and engagement benchmark metrics for 10 different S&P industries
  • Employees read 44% more minutes of email in 2020, and clicked 82% more links

The 2021 Benchmarks Data Report is based on aggregated, anonymized data from nearly 300 participating PoliteMail enterprise customers. The results are broken down by 10 industries, according to the S&P Industry Sector financial indexes.

Click here to download the 2021 Benchmarks Data Report. To stay informed on internal corporate communications tips and employee engagement trends, subscribe to the PoliteMail blog.

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Nicole Gagnon

Release Summary

PoliteMail released its annual Internal Communications Benchmarks report, a comprehensive study based on 1.5 billion employee emails sent in 2020.


Nicole Gagnon