BRIDGE Angel Investors Joins Global Network of Early-Stage Investors and Announces ADIFO-US Sponsorship

SARASOTA, Fla.--()--BRIDGE Angel Investors is now a shareholder in leAD (, an exclusive global network of investors focused on supporting early stage companies in the health, nutrition, sports and fan engagement arenas. With headquarters in Lake Nona, Florida, leAD focuses on startups, providing extensive education, mentoring and financial support to help them succeed.

Strategic coordination for including BRIDGE as a shareholder in leAD was provided by BRIDGE member investor Allen Johnson. Johnson also serves as Founding Partner of ADIFO, which recently opened ADIFO-US offices in Tampa and Miami, Florida.

ADIFO-US was established by three grandsons of Adidas founder Adi Dassler to offer clients the type of experienced support services the family has been providing members for generations. Its move to Florida is accompanied by a commitment to help support entrepreneurship in its new host state, exemplified by its investment in leAD and by becoming a Presenting sponsor of BRIDGE Angel Investors.

“With leAD’s US-based initiative in Florida just beginning after a highly successful 3-year Berlin run, BRIDGE is squarely positioned to significantly contribute to the next phase of leAD’s success while benefiting the Florida entrepreneurial community as a whole,” Johnson said. “BRIDGE’s direct investment and involvement in the leAD ecosystem opens up tremendous opportunities for our members to access leAD’s worldwide investment network and portfolio of existing companies.”

With BRIDGE and ADIFO-US investments, leAD can support new cohorts in their extensive training programs, and it opens doors for follow-on funding opportunities. The current leAD portfolio includes 29 startups.

“We’re pleased to add these new strategic relationships to augment opportunities for our investors and to expand BRIDGE’s many important local community and investment partnerships,” said Wendi Chapman, BRIDGE Executive Director.

Information about applying for membership in BRIDGE Angel Investors or submitting a funding opportunity for consideration is available at

About BRIDGE Angel Investors

BRIDGE Angel Investors is a group of experienced private, accredited investors located in Sarasota, FL, committed to supporting entrepreneurship on a local, state and national level by providing capital and mentoring to assist early-stage businesses towards growth. BRIDGE investments may be augmented with individual member investments and through a network of other fund and angel investor group syndicates. Through such networks, Bridge has contributed more than 1M in capital, in primarily Florida-based companies, resulting in a diversified portfolio.


Wendi Chapman, BRIDGE Exec. Dir.,, 202.270.5607



Wendi Chapman, BRIDGE Exec. Dir.,, 202.270.5607