Strong Start to 2021: Glocal Healthcare Team Signs Contracts in Namibia and Uzbekistan and is Recognized by Her Majesty, Queen Mathilde of Belgium as Leading, International Healthcare Innovator

KOLKATA, India & DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--()--Glocal Healthcare Systems (“Glocal” or the “Company”), a global industry-leading provider of digitally enabled healthcare that operates as a technology and process based platform to make healthcare affordable, and accessible, reported significant milestones during February.

“Our goal is to ensure that high quality and affordable healthcare is accessible globally. To achieve this goal, we have combined the examination room, test lab, and the pharmacy into one clinic which we call a “Digital Dispensary.” Its dimensions are only about 64 square feet making it easy to install or retrofit into any location. This solution provides the immense benefits of digital health for the consumers and providers” said Dr. Sabahat Azim, CEO and founder of Glocal and CEO International Division of Uphealth. “The digital dispensaries are staffed by a nurse who guides the patients through the whole healthcare consultation using the digital diagnostic tools at hand. In person presence of a doctor is not required. The doctors can be located anywhere in India, and the patient is seen and served in their own community digital dispensary clinic. Interaction between the staff nurse and doctor, with the use of advanced technology and rich video, allows Glocal to perform a thorough clinical examination. The clinics are equipped with a digital stethoscope, a laryngoscope, fetal Doppler, and many more diagnostic tools. In addition, there is a robust clinical decision-support system that allows doctors to focus on the patients and their problems, augmenting their decision making by providing further information on the drug interactions, dosages and contraindications. Finally, the pharmacy is automated to dispense medications. For the equivalent of about $4 USD in India, you be seen by a doctor and get your tests and medications all at one clinic. There is a large need across the globe to provide high quality, accessible and affordable healthcare services, and Glocal’s goal is to be the solution.”

Other January/February 2021 events

The first quarter of 2021 has been very productive for Glocal and demonstrated the global demand for their innovative services. Not only has Glocal begun delivery of the 550 new Primary Health Centers (PHCs) for the National Health Mission of Madhya Pradesh to leverage telemedicine and the digital dispensaries to serve up to 14 million people. Glocal continues to expand into other countries at a rapid pace. During the first two months of 2021, Glocal signed two major country wide agreements and received international recognition:

  • New agreement signed to deliver healthcare services in the Republic of Namibia. Glocal signed an agreement with a partner organization in Namibia, to jointly set up 1000 digital dispensaries across Namibia over next 5 years. The parties also agreed to roll out Glocal’s telemedicine application called HelloLyf across Namibia and other adjacent countries in which partner organization operates.
  • New agreement to deliver healthcare services in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Glocal signed an agreement with a partner organization in Uzbekistan to jointly set up 1000 digital dispensaries over next 5 years. The parties also agreed to roll out Glocal’s telemedicine application called HelloLyf across various locations in Uzbekistan with the purpose of delivering healthcare to localities in a quick and convenient way. The partnering organization in Uzbekistan will provide aid to Glocal for the establishment of telemedicine network and roll out Hellolyf in its network.
  • World Economic Forum Schwab Social Innovators Meeting with HM Queen Mathilde of Belgium. On February 23, 2021, The founder and visionary of Glocal, Dr. Sabahat Azim was honored to meet with Her Majesty, Queen Mathilde of Belgium. Her Majesty met with six entrepreneurs that won Social Innovators award sponsored by World Economic Forum's Schwab Foundation. The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship works worldwide in the fields of health, education, vulnerable children, ecology, climate and agriculture. The awards are presented to entrepreneurs who work in a sustainable way, respond to the rapid digital evolution, and who have developed innovative business models resulting in social or environmental achievement.

“Glocal is poised for rapid international growth, bringing communities high-quality healthcare that is accessible and at low cost. With various awards and recognitions over the past months from institutions like UNAID and World Economic Forum, Glocal is now recognized worldwide as a leading digital healthcare technology solution. We are currently in discussions with multiple governments and partners across the globe, and are thrilled to join forces with UpHealth Holdings Inc. to provide a unified integrated care solution to our clients,” said Dr. Sabahat Azim. “During my conversation with Queen Mathilde, I discussed one of the important projects that combined Glocal’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform and UpHealth Behavioral Health division where we are creating a customizable platform to help guide behavioral health physicians in caring for their patients using our proprietary technology solution. This is just one example of the innovation and initiatives that Glocal is currently working on within UpHealth, and we look forward to showcase much more to our clients in the future.”

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About Glocal Healthcare:

Glocal is a tech and process based platform to make healthcare affordable, accessible and accountable. Set up in 2010, Glocal is a social venture that seeks to bring State of the Art Healthcare to the rural population in India through an integrated model of block level comprehensive primary & secondary care hospitals, digital dispensaries and technology. Glocal stands for global quality, delivered at a local level.

Glocal Healthcare Systems, is the International Solution for Global Telemedicine division of UpHealth Holdings, Inc.

About UpHealth Holdings, Inc.:

UpHealth is a global comprehensive digital health technology and tech-enabled services platform that empowers providers, health systems and payors globally to manage care for people with complex medical, behavioral and social needs, while dramatically improving access to primary care. For more information, visit


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Sean Leous
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