AVer Europe: How to Prepare for Hybrid Workspaces

LONDON--()--Hybrid working is set to become the future of the workplace. The return to offices won’t happen overnight; it will be a gradual process as COVID-19 cases reduce, and remote working will become a part of common working practice. Some say working from home is becoming the new normal. Today I would agree, but as the world opens up, we will return to our offices.

Now is the time to prepare for a new hybrid model, where teams will need to be able to work together both in person and remotely. A modern workforce needs to feel like they are in the same space and have access to the same resources, wherever they are. The right technology makes this possible.

Professional video conferencing cameras

Encourage the use of video calls rather than just email and chat, so that everyone feels part of the team and morale stays high. To make this a more engaging experience, professional conferencing cameras with 4K imaging, wide fields of view, smart functions that automatically move the cameras to the speaker and voice recognition can make staff feel like they’re in the room, wherever they are. Whether you’re using Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet, be sure to check that your selected video conferencing hardware is compatible and/or certified by your platform.

Premium audio

Many of us will have experienced issues with microphone quality at some point while working remotely. Remote workers will feel far away from the action if the audio is tinny on video calls. High-quality speakerphones will prepare your meeting room to pick up all voices, and a video soundbar is a great option for those working remotely. Specific AI features like smart framing, audio tracking, true WDR and IP video streaming are worth exploring.

Instant content sharing

Visualisers are commonly used in classrooms and for distance learning, and they’re great for use in offices too. You can use the visualiser to share a document with those working remotely, providing far more detail than a normal web camera would. Visualisers enable you to capture images or video for future use.

With the right mixture of technology, organisations can ensure that adapting to a hybrid workspace will not cause disruption for business.



Alison Scarrott, Senior PR Account Manager: alison@brookscomm.com


Alison Scarrott, Senior PR Account Manager: alison@brookscomm.com