Infinitum Electric to Develop Ultra High-Efficiency Motor for Leading Consumer Appliance Manufacturer

First IEh series motors for smart home appliances extend battery life, are 50% lighter, 30% quieter and 10% more efficient than traditional electric motors

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Infinitum Electric, creator of the breakthrough motor that uses a silicon stator, today announced an agreement with a leading consumer appliance manufacturer. Under the agreement, Infinitum Electric will develop its first IEh Series motor for consumer appliance applications, to support the creation of a smarter, more energy-efficient, cordless vacuum.

Twenty-five trillion kilowatt hours of electricity are consumed per year, of which 53 percent is consumed by electric motors. This leaves a significant opportunity for the household appliance market to develop or replace machines using traditional electric motors with ultra high-efficiency electric motors, which consume far less energy. Infinitum Electric is enabling this transition as demand increases for eco-friendly products due to both government regulations and consumer preferences.

The market for global smart home appliances is anticipated to reach $92.72 billion by 2027, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., expanding at a CAGR of 14.1% from 2020 to 2027. According to IMARC Group, global electric motor consumption in the household appliance sector is expected to reach a value of US $8.19 billion, growing at a CAGR of 5.04% from 2018-2023.

IEh Series motors designed for smart, sustainable appliances

The IEh Series motors are designed to deliver premium performance for quieter, more efficient consumer appliances with greater durability and connectivity. Infinitum Electric motors are designed with a silicon-based stator used in modern technologies, rather than traditional, cumbersome iron core and copper wire, which drastically reduces weight, size and acoustic noise. Features and benefits include:

  • Compact and lightweight: Silicon stator produces the same power rating as an iron core stator at a 50% lighter weight than traditional electric motors.
  • Low acoustic noise: At less than 45 dB for some applications, the IEh motor is one of the quietest on the market. There’s no cogging torque and no magnetic force between the rotor and stator to cause magnetic noise leading to a dramatically quieter motor.
  • High operating speed: With a range of 0-110,000 RPM, IEh motors can be engineered for high operating speed.
  • Durability: The silicon stator has a 10x longer life than conventional coils and uniform temperature distribution prevents thermal stresses on windings.
  • Ultra high-efficiency: With an efficiency rating of greater than 90% for any power rating, stator core losses are eliminated due to the coreless construction.
  • Low vibration: With vibration levels of less than .25 mm/sec, simple structure prevents rotors from shifting due to thermal or mechanical stresses.
  • Connected design: Integrated electronics and embedded IoT circuitry allow the motor to stay connected to the outside world and with other smart home applications.

Manufacturers are exploring new ways to incorporate IoT to deliver eco-friendly designs and support digital transformation goals,” said Anand Gnanamoorthy, industry principal at Frost & Sullivan. “Infinitum Electric’s motors are designed with total efficiency in mind and integrated electronics and IoT circuitry pack a punch, making smart home appliances even smarter.”

"Bringing everyday household consumer appliances into a new era of sustainability with our ultra high-efficiency IEh motors is exciting," said Ben Schuler, founder and chief executive officer of Infinitum Electric. "Consumer appliance manufacturers have an opportunity to make an impact on the environment by designing their products in the most energy-efficient way possible. We look forward to helping more customers gain a competitive advantage with differentiated products that decrease carbon footprint, improve performance, reliability and costs."

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About Infinitum Electric

Infinitum Electric was born in 2016 by founders with decades of experience and a deep understanding of how electrification will impact the world. With 53 percent of the world’s energy consumed by traditional electric motors, Infinitum Electric’s mission is to Power The Electric Revolution. The company’s patented silicon stator technology forever changes the electrification landscape, allowing for smarter, lighter and quieter electric motors and generators with unparalleled efficiency and durability.


Erin Gilmore
Activate PR on behalf of Infinitum Electric


Release Summary

Infinitum Electric announced an agreement to develop an ultra high-efficiency motor for a leading consumer appliance manufacturer.


Erin Gilmore
Activate PR on behalf of Infinitum Electric