Offsight Helps Cahill Contractors Build & Manage Their Bay Area Affordable Housing Projects

Cahill Contractors uses Offsight's software to manage modular assembly on the factory floor. (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Developers and owners are turning to the disruptive method of Modular and Offsite Construction, to deliver high quality affordable housing at a fraction of the time and cost. Bay Area builder Cahill Contractors is a well recognized general contractor leading the charge and as more work moves offsite, they are rethinking traditional processes by using project management software like Offsight to manage Offsite/Modular Construction projects.

The United States is facing a nationwide affordable housing crisis. In the State of California, real estate prices are rising 3 times as fast as household income and 50% of households cannot afford suitable housing. To bridge this housing gap, owners and contractors must build more than 3.5 Million units in the next few years with modern methods of construction to keep housing prices attainable.

Cahill Contractors leverages Offsight’s project management software to manage the prototyping quality process for several large scale multifamily affordable projects. Offsight’s Manager Dashboard visualizes the manufacturing and assembly process with defined work stations and enables quality reporting with images and checklists for better collaboration with the factory. Offsight feeds RFIs, Submittals, Shop Drawings and documentation to operators and quality inspectors on the factory floor, during key parts of the prototyping and production process.

After the prototyping process is completed, Offsight’s production management capabilities help track manufacturing progress and close out any unresolved tasks from the factory, before final installation on the jobsite. This is critical to achieving end-to-end quality traceability for each module.

“Offsight has allowed us to establish a consolidated central hub of information for our offsite projects, by which our QC staff is then able to utilize and input live data to record, track & monitor deficiencies,” said Kyle Morris, Project Manager at Cahill Contractors.

Offsight’s quality management features provide Cahill Contractors with detailed notes and annotated photos on non-conformance issues, installation errors, and built-to-spec confirmations. The quality workflow reporting shows current pending and unresolved tasks for each individual module across multiple large scale, multi-family affordable housing projects.

As general contractors worldwide take on more offsite construction projects and tackle the growing affordable housing crisis, they will face similar challenges around managing modular prototyping and production quality. Cahill Contractors demonstrates how adopting technology platforms like Offsight helps general contractors make the offsite transition easier.

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Vikas Murali

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Bay Area builder, Cahill Contractors uses Offsight to manage their modular multi-family affordable housing projects through full scale production.

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Vikas Murali