Diamond Health and Vivature Partner With NCAA

Provide Covid-19 Testing for NCAA Championships

DALLAS--()--Diamond Health, Inc and Vivature, Inc. have been selected as the Covid-19 testing provider for NCAA Championships, excluding Men’s Division 1 Basketball. Diamond Health and Vivature teamed up to provide a comprehensive Covid-19 testing solution that will include rapid antigen and rapid PCR testing at championship sites across the country beginning in March 2021. Diamond/Vivature will manage all facets of the testing process including pre-registration, authentication of previous negative tests, team scheduling, administration of on-site tests, as well as contact tracing.

“The sports committees and our staff have committed since last March to provide the leadership and guidance to restart our championships. We are pleased to arrive at this critical step, which is announcing that Diamond Health and Vivature will provide Covid-19 testing for NCAA Championships,” NCAA Senior Vice President of Championships Joni Comstock said. “In less than two months, it is our plan to conduct NCAA championships for the first time in a year. We have placed health and safety at the forefront of every decision to protect our student-athletes, coaches and fans to the best of our ability in the championship events.”

“This is an incredible honor to provide Covid-19 testing services for the NCAA. Sports are woven into the foundation of our society and competition amongst student athletes in the safest environment possible is our goal. We have tremendous confidence in our team to implement the testing protocol set forth by the NCAA medical advisory board at dozens of competition sites spread out across the country,” Diamond Health, Inc. Chairman and CEO Dr. James Pinckney II said.

About Diamond – Diamond Health, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas based medical corporation dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery in America. Diamond focuses on delivering better care at a better price to thousands of individuals across the country and now serves over one hundred collegiate partners with medical expertise and consultation for Covid-19 testing as well as Major League Baseball and National Media Outlets. Diamond partnered with the technology firm Vivature, Inc. to deliver a comprehensive testing solution administering approximately 500,000 Covid-19 tests in 2020. Diamond currently serves 100+ colleges and universities with medical expertise and consultation for Covid-19 testing.

For media inquiries or more information please contact: Laura Martin, Diamond Health Account Manager Real News Public Relations at lauramartin@realnewspr.com, (214) 316-2178 or contact Diamond Health, Inc. info@diamondhealthinc.com, (214)-395-3491.

About Vivature ​- Vivature is a Dallas, Texas based firm which was recently named one of the “Top 25 Emerging Sports Technology Firms” in the country, and now has more than 300 collegiate partners and a contract with Major League Baseball. Vivature uses a $20 million enterprise-level single database, and their KONGiQ software to make college and university athletic departments run more efficiently and stay compliant with all federal and state regulations. KONGiQ total athletic solution is centered around improving the communication, measurements, schedules and medical care of student-athletes. Areas of focus include Nutrition, Behavioral Health Counseling, Academic Counseling, Electronic Medical Records, Camps, Travel, Coaching, Covid-19 Solutions, as well as Strength & Conditioning.

For media inquiries or more information please contact: Lance Wilson, Executive Vice President at lwwilson@vivature.com, or at (972)-687-1877.


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