Top 5 Stocks, 3 Hedge Funds and 3 ETFs for the Hydrogen Economy by AlternativeSoft

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LONDON--()--Using AlternativeSoft’s asset selection software, we were able to find the top 3 performing hedge funds to see how they performed vs the top 5 hydrogen stocks vs the top 3 ETF clean energy, during 2020.


Cumulative return during Jan2020-Dec2020

Top hydrogen stock


Top ETF clean energy


Top hedge fund


Combating climate change is part of President Biden's core agenda. On his first day, he addressed this issue by rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, ending the Keystone XL pipeline and revoking oil and gas development at national wildlife monuments1. As climate change has such a priority in Biden’s agendas, it has brought attention to the hydrogen economy.

The hydrogen economy is the process of producing hydrogen to use it as fuel, hence replacing fossil fuels and cutting carbon emission significantly2. Companies that operate under the hydrogen economy are the companies that sell fuel cells, renewable energy equipment, and supply hydrogen gas. The stocks of these companies have been soaring, driven not only by President Biden's support for clean energy, but also by 60 countries agreeing to reduce their net carbon emissions by 2050 to zero3, as well as by the rising adaptation of zero-emission.

The top 5 Hydrogen stocks, Ballard Power Systems (BLDP), Cummins (CMI), Plug Power (PLUG), Bloom Energy (BE) and FuelCell Energy (FCEL), had very impressive cumulative returns in 2020. PLUG had the highest return at 1560%. FCEL comes as a second with a return of 1247%, followed by BE’s return of 385%, BLDP 269% and, CMI 50%. What has also boosted this increase, is the falling costs and rising capital coming in the industry not just in the United States but globally. In the beginning of January this year, Plug Power got a $1.5 billion investment from SK Holdings4.

We conclude that selecting the correct hedge funds or the correct stocks, with skills, could have generated large returns during 2020.

N.B. This article is not intended to provide any professional investment advice and should be treated as more of an opinion piece.

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As the world is directing itself towards cleaner energy, the companies in the hydrogen economy, are booming.

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