Multi-Channel Donors Give 3x More, Yet Report Reveals Just 3% of Nonprofits Leverage Multi-Channel Communications

The report, which measured multi-channel donor communication, uncovers critical communication gaps that are dramatically hindering generosity and retention

PHOENIX--()--A new report released by Virtuous, the world's leading responsive fundraising platform for nonprofits, and NextAfter, a fundraising research lab and consultancy, found that multi-channel donors give more than three times as much as single-channel donors, yet only 3% of nonprofits sent multi-channel communication to online and offline donors. The study, “The State of Multi-Channel Donor Communications,” also found that none of the 100 nonprofits evaluated leveraged all four channels –– email, direct mail, text and phone.

The four-month-long study evaluated 119 nonprofit organizations across eight verticals on the ability to give online and offline donations then tracked the type and frequency of communications received over the course of that timeframe following their donation. In total, they received nearly 2,300 communications, which were grouped by channel –– email, mail, voicemail, text –– and type, cultivation or solicitation.

Online donors received a bulk of the communications, with more than 1,700 coming in the form of an email. Compared to just 161 email and 192 mail communications sent to the offline donor. In fact, one in five organizations did not communicate to the offline donor at all over the course of the four months.

“It’s estimated we receive 4,000 to 10,000 media messages every day. That’s a lot of noise to compete with especially if you’re a nonprofit trying to earn the attention of a donor,” said Virtuous CEO Gabe Cooper. “Today’s successful nonprofits are so because they’ve come to realize how critical personalized and multi-channel donor communication is to earning attention and building trust. The goal of this report was to reveal just how impactful multi-channel communication is and shed light on where there may be some room for improvement.”

“There isn’t a lot of cumulative research on multi-channel communication in the world of fundraising,” said Brady Josephson, Managing Director of NextAfter Institute for Online Fundraising. “This report unearths a lot of that data and presents opportunities for nonprofits to think about how they can improve their multi-channel communication, review their processes for receiving online and offline gifts, and evaluate how they’re leveraging different channels to engage new donors.”

Key findings from the report:

  • Only 14% of organizations sent at least one email to offline donors and 55% of organizations sent at least one mailed message to the online donor in four months.
  • One in five organizations did not communicate to the offline donor at all in four months.
  • The online donor received 10 times more communications compared to the offline donor.
  • Of those who sent at least one communication to the online donor, 40% were single-channel communicators, only communicating in the channel in which they received the donation. For those who gave offline, the number of single-channel communicators jumps to 88%.
  • Only one in 12 organizations called donors and just one organization of the 102 studied sent a text message in four months.

To get a free copy of The State of Multi-Channel Donor Communications, visit MultiChannel Nonprofit. For more information about Virtuous, visit For more information about NextAfter, visit

About Virtuous

Virtuous is a software company committed to helping nonprofits grow generosity. Much more than a nonprofit CRM, Virtuous is a suite of responsive fundraising platforms designed to help nonprofit teams build better donor relationships and increase impact with confidence. Virtuous helps unify fundraising, marketing, and donor development activities, ridding teams of redundant back-office tasks, and surfacing the insights and signals needed to deliver dynamic donor experiences at scale. Learn more at

About NextAfter

NextAfter is a fundraising research lab and consultancy that helps nonprofits grow their digital fundraising. The company combines the perpetual learning of a fundraising research lab, the practical application of a digital-first agency, and the rigorous instruction of a training institute. Their mission is to decode what works in fundraising and make it accessible to as many nonprofits as possible. For more information, visit

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