Advance Solutions Announces New Identity and Access Management Application (IDAM) built on ServiceNow


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IDAM is custom built with all of your identity and access management needs in mind. With complete automation enablement, it is equipped with plug and play configurations and allows you to track access from various points. IDAM comes with privileged access management, role-based approval systems, agent workspace experience and a number of additional automated cloud administrative services that are not limited by physical presence in an office.

ATLANTA--()--Advance Solutions, a leading global provider of next-generation digital services and cloud consulting, has announced the launch of a new ServiceNow add-on application – IDAM.

IDAM is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) application built on the ServiceNow platform and is available in the ServiceNow store. IDAM leverages the industry-leading workflow automation capabilities of the ServiceNow platform to help customers add or remove software entitlements to enterprise applications quickly and securely as needed. Built for ServiceNow, IDAM comes out of the box with built-in integrations to Microsoft Office 365, Zoom, and Oracle Cloud, reducing risk while improving your compliance and productivity. More Information Click Here

Identity and access management processes and technologies play an important role in security strategies; however, organizations spend an inordinate amount of time creating and provisioning accounts. As new hires and transfers are on-boarded, they must be given access to a host of applications they need to communicate with others and do their job. Delays are costly and IDAM allows managers to grant or remove access to individuals or groups across multiple access points with ease. Managers can also validate who has entitlements to specific applications and take advantage of workflow automation to automatically reclaim credentials after extended periods of non-use or termination.

"There’s more pressure than ever to compete in today’s digital market. New demands require technology that is interoperable across digital ecosystems and can cut through siloed, complex legacy internal systems and connected devices,” states Gaurav Kochhar, founder and Chief Executive Officer.

IDAM provides competitive advantage to organizations by not only improving employee productivity and satisfaction, but also through process efficiencies and cost savings.

“Our solution to IAM is holistic and complete in every regard. Maintaining consistency in user data across systems, provisioning, deprovisioning access, complete audit and compliance trail are just some of the key features. Innovation is key and we will continue innovating this solution as well,” said Parshant Dhand, EVP, Digital Transformation. “IDAM gives employees the experience they deserve.”

About Advance Solutions

For over a decade, Advance Solutions has delivered next-generation technology consulting services with large-scale client organizations. Our teams have firsthand knowledge of the common pitfalls, nuances, and methods that turn theoretical goals into measurable results and outcomes into real business improvement. We were one of the first to help organizations realign ServiceNow to drive value and improve efficiency through HRSD, Legal and Facilities and we will continue to reimagine next-generation technologies through our partnerships with Snowflake, Microsoft, Confluent, MuleSoft, Salesforce, PagerDuty and more.

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Stephanie Solyon, Advance Solutions, (615) 481-8612

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IDAM is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) application built with the Now Platform® App Engine.

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Stephanie Solyon, Advance Solutions, (615) 481-8612