Caritas Communities Partners with Leonardo247 to Improve Management of Properties that House the Homeless

Caritas Communities gratefully accepts donation of advanced property management technology and services for all 33 of its locations

BOSTON--()--Caritas Communities, an independent, non-sectarian, non-profit housing provider, today announced a charitable partnership with Leonardo247, the leader in remote monitoring of onsite multifamily operations. Caritas will deploy Leonardo247's innovative solution to help manage its 33 properties and improve on-site operations. Caritas will be using the Leonardo247 platform for inspections, property operations, preventative maintenance, and remote site management.

"Managing 33 properties is challenging, time-consuming, and critical to the people we serve, so we are grateful for Leonardo247's generosity in providing the technology and services at no cost to Caritas, allowing us to improve the housing experience for our residents and to help us manage our properties more efficiently," said Victor Martinez, Chief Operating Officer at Caritas Communities. "Leonardo247 will optimize our time spent providing management oversight as we continue to grow and expand our services to more citizens so we can spend less time mired in minutia and more time focusing on serving our residents."

Caritas is celebrating 35 years of providing safe, secure housing in Greater Boston. All Caritas housing is for individuals. The vast majority of units are Single Room Occupancy (SRO), which provides a locked private room with shared kitchens, bathrooms, and communal spaces. Almost 60% of residents come to Caritas Communities directly from homelessness and 75% have experienced homelessness at some point. Leonardo247's platform is easily customizable so that tasks, workflows and inspections can all be tailored to the unique operating needs of these kinds of housing environments, ensuring that Caritas Communities will have the right tools to be highly efficient, safe, and well-maintained.

"Our goal is to lower the operating costs for multifamily operators by automating policies and procedures, and for a non-profit like Caritas, this will enable them to expand their mission to create housing for the homeless with reduced management overhead," said Daniel Cunningham, CEO of Leonardo247. "Caritas is making a significant impact within the Boston community, and our software solution and ongoing support will allow them to operate at the same level of sophistication and thoroughness as the nation's largest for-profit real estate companies."

This investment in software and services, which is valued at $100,000, is critical to Caritas' operations, which needs an average of $2,300 per resident in private charitable contributions each year to provide high-quality housing and supportive programs at a rent that is affordable to low-income people. This support helps to bridge the gap between housing and homelessness for over 1,000 residents annually. The cost to society for one homeless person is estimated at $30,000 annually, not accounting for the tragic toll on the humanity of the individuals and the community.

About Caritas Communities

Caritas Communities prevents homelessness by providing very low-income individuals with permanent housing, support, a sense of community and expanded opportunities. For more than 35 years, Caritas has helped fill the need for safe, secure housing in Greater Boston. Caritas owns and operates 33 buildings in 17 Greater Boston communities, serving more than 1,000 individuals annually. Caritas provides onsite support services, emergency rental assistance, veterans-specific housing and services, and onsite property management. Caritas enables people working for minimum wage, veterans experiencing post-service challenges, and low-income elderly and disabled citizens to live in a clean, safe home that they can afford. Caritas Communities' is an independent, non-sectarian, non-profit housing provider. To learn more, please go to

About Leonardo247

Leonardo247 is the first of its kind remote performance management software that streamlines operations for real estate managers by delivering daily tasks, workflows, inspections, and procedures to onsite operations teams and offers management executives real-time visibility into compliance with policies and procedures. Leonardo247 mitigates operational risk and improves consistency, transparency and accountability across an entire organization. For more information, visit


Amy Meneely, Director of Communications, Caritas Communities,, 781.843.1242, ext. 32



Amy Meneely, Director of Communications, Caritas Communities,, 781.843.1242, ext. 32