Wealth Management Platform Vestrata Launches With $4 Million Funding Round Led by Industry Veterans

  • Vestrata is a unique platform backed by significant investment from industry insiders
  • Founding team comprises senior executives from world’s biggest firms including J.P. Morgan, UBS, Credit Suisse, Barclays, HSBC, and MSCI
  • Addresses many of the key challenges facing the wealth management industry today by enhancing client engagement

LONDON--()--Vestrata, a fintech company providing integrated investment solutions, has launched today. The business is led by one of the most experienced teams ever assembled by a start-up in this space and has completed a US$4 million investment round to bring its innovative proposition to the wealth management and private banking sector.

Vestrata’s proprietary technology platform is unique, and will deliver a suite of discretionary, advisory, alternatives and ESG investment solutions that help wealth managers to drive improved client engagement, control risk and reduce cost. Vestrata’s services are developed in collaboration with leading asset managers, research houses and alternatives providers, and will be delivered through an integrated, scalable and modular platform.

The Vestrata leadership team includes eight former leaders from some of the largest wealth management institutions in the world. With more than 200 years of combined experience, the team brings a deep understanding of the complexity of delivering investment solutions that match clients’ needs and preferences.

The business is led by Mark Le Lievre, Co-Founder and CEO, who was previously global Head of Products and Platforms at J.P. Morgan Private Bank and Head of Investment Content at UBS Wealth Management. The wider management team includes a number of former executives from J.P. Morgan and other global financial institutions, including:

  • Doug Wurth, Chairman, formerly led the international Private Bank and Alternatives businesses at J.P. Morgan
  • Kim Lennen, CTO and Co-Founder, former CTO of J.P. Morgan Private Bank (Europe)
  • Lea Blinoff, Head of Solutions, former Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Private Bank
  • Arun Sinha, CMO, former CMO of J.P. Morgan Private Bank
  • Eric Laget, Chief Legal Officer, former in-house counsel at J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Tim Riseborough, CFO/COO, former COO at HSBC Commercial Bank
  • Sarah Newman, CCO, former Head of Investment Products at Barclays Wealth Management

Mark Le Lievre, Co-founder and CEO of Vestrata, said: “We are entering an era where wealth managers will no longer be able to rely on market appreciation to drive revenue growth. We know from first-hand experience the significant and accelerating financial and regulatory challenges faced by the wealth management industry. Firms now need to focus not only on managing their cost base but growing their revenues via enhanced client engagement.

“We understand these challenges and have built a solution to address them. If firms are to engage with clients most effectively, they need to deliver differentiated investment solutions and use a sophisticated platform to enable advisors to engage their entire book of business. I am excited about the differentiated proposition we have built and the fundamental transformation that it will enable the wealth management industry to achieve in the years ahead.”

Lea Blinoff, Head of Solutions at Vestrata, said: “Our ambition is to fuse high-quality and differentiated investment solutions with advanced technology. Vestrata integrates a variety of investment solutions, products and asset classes with powerful portfolio analytics, reporting and a robust risk management framework to ensure advisors can deliver advice specifically tailored to their clients’ needs, in a scalable and compliant way. We enable the firms we work with to deliver more ideas to more clients, leading to revenue growth, improved control and enhanced client engagement.”


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About Vestrata

Vestrata supports wealth managers to help drive income growth by providing a modular wealth management platform and integrated investment solutions. The platform will deliver a suite of discretionary, advisory, alternatives and ESG investment solutions that support wealth managers to improve client engagement and achieve asset and revenue growth, while systematically managing investment risks and simplifying compliance. Vestrata’s modular range of services are developed in collaboration with leading providers in the market, delivered through a single, integrated and scalable platform.

Visit www.vestrata.com for more information.


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Further information
Imogen Kranz, Boldspace
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