Responsible Flushing Alliance Established as Independent Non-profit to Help Reduce Possible Damage to Nation’s Sewage Systems

Organization focused on public education to promote smart flushing habits

The Responsible Flushing Alliance, a newly-formed 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to public education about proper flushing for healthy homes, announced today it hired Lara Wyss to serve as president. (Photo: Business Wire)

SEATTLE--()--To address the need for long-term solutions to the problems in our nation’s wastewater systems, the Responsible Flushing Alliance has been formed as an independent nonprofit with a mission of educating consumers about responsible and smart flushing habits in partnership with wastewater and sanitation industries.

The Responsible Flushing Alliance, established with 501(c)(6) status, also announced the hiring of Lara Wyss as its president. Wyss comes to the Responsible Flushing Alliance with more than 20 years of experience in communications and public relations, with an emphasis on environmental affairs and the consumer products industry.

“I’m excited to take the lead for the Responsible Flushing Alliance as we work to raise awareness and education about how proper flushing contributes to a healthier home and office, safe environment and well-maintained sewer systems,” Wyss said. “Targeted and collaborative public education about what not to flush will lead to reduced wastewater costs, improve the health of our waterways and the safety of our public works professionals.”

The first initiative that Wyss will spearhead for the Responsible Flushing Alliance is a consumer and industry education campaign to raise awareness about the proper disposal practices for non-flushable products and to advocate for the prominent placement of “Do Not Flush” labels on non-flushable products.

Initially, the campaign will focus on California where the Responsible Flushing Alliance has partnered with the California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) to develop an industry-led, statewide awareness campaign in California.

“Just because an item can clear a toilet bowl, doesn’t mean it should be flushed,” Wyss said. “We’re looking forward to working with California’s sanitation and wastewater industries to raise awareness about what not to flush to keep our infrastructure operational.”

The Responsible Flushing Alliance looks forward to expanding efforts nationwide through partnerships with other wastewater and sanitation stakeholders. “The creation of the Responsible Flushing Alliance as an independent nonprofit organization allows us to better focus on our mission to elevate consumer awareness of how smart flushing behavior in the bathroom impacts the overall health of our homes, and ultimately our communities,” said Becky Johnson, the Responsible Flushing Alliance’s Board Chairman and Global Public Policy Director at Kimberly Clark. “The Responsible Flushing Alliance is committed to contributing real solutions by working with the wastewater and sanitation industries to educate consumers about making smart flushing decisions. To be successful, this effort will take all stakeholders working together. We invite others to join us.”

About Responsible Flushing Alliance

The Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization dedicated to consumer education focused on what should and should not be flushed. We are a coalition of trade associations, wipes manufacturing companies, and non-profits committed to educating consumers about responsible, smart flushing habits. RFA’s goal is to change consumer behavior to reduce damage to our nation’s sewage systems caused by objects and materials not designed to be flushed.

Responsible Flushing Alliance Coalition Members

Albaad, Center for Baby and Adult Hygiene Products, Essity, First Quality, Georgia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson, Jacob Holm, Kelheim Fibres, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Nehemiah Manufacturing, Nice-Pak, Procter & Gamble, Rockline Industries, Sellars Nonwovens, and Suominen Corporation.


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Announcement of the formation of the Responsible Flushing Alliance.

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