Healthcare Worker Survey Shows They Are Burned Out, Sleep-Deprived, & May Quit

Results from Berxi's "State of Healthcare Workers in 2020" Survey (Graphic: Business Wire)

BOSTON--()--To get a clearer picture of the state of mind of healthcare workers nationwide, Berxi, a division of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance and a provider of professional liability insurance for medical professionals, recently completed a survey to learn more about their mental and physical well-being compared to this time last year. The results were troubling. Some key findings:

They Are Overwhelmingly Burned Out
A startling 84% reported feeling at least mildly burned out from work, and 18% feel totally burned out.

The top 5 stressors that respondents identified, in order:

  1. Fear of getting COVID-19
  2. Long hours/shifts
  3. General state of the world
  4. Fear of spreading COVID-19
  5. Family responsibilities/issues

They Are Sleep-Deprived
Alarmingly, 90% said they’ve been getting less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night, and 1 in 3 admitted to getting 4 hours or less.

Their Work Performance Is Suffering
One in 3 healthcare workers feel that they’ve been making more mistakes at work.

They’re Thinking of Quitting
Nearly half (48%) have considered either retiring, quitting their jobs, or changing their careers altogether.

Their Mental Health Has Significantly Deteriorated
About half (48%) of survey respondents reported their mental health has deteriorated.

They Are More Emotional at Work
Of all healthcare professionals surveyed, 49% have cried at work in the past year – and 67% of all nurse practitioners admitted to doing the same.

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The survey data in this report is based on Berxi’s October 2020 survey of 500 U.S. healthcare workers, which excluded physicians. The coping strategies listed above are not intended to be medical or mental health advice. If you have concerns about stress, sleep, burnout, or anything else, please consult a professional.

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Michele Reynolds

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Healthcare Worker Survey Shows They Are Burned Out, Sleep-Deprived, & May Quit


Michele Reynolds