Lagunitas Brewing Company Launches Non-Alcoholic IPNA

Hitting shelves across the U.S. now, IPNA is brewed with the same delicious hops Lagunitas uses in its ruthlessly delicious flagship IPA...minus the booze.

PETALUMA, Calif.--()--Today, Lagunitas Brewing Company, the brewery responsible for the #1 selling IPA in the world, and backed by a 25-year history of making hop-forward and innovative craft brews, has launched IPNA, its first non-alcoholic IPA. Chock-full of hops from Washington’s Yakima Valley, IPNA is a N/A option that actually tastes like a beer. To bring this new offering to life, the brewing team at Lagunitas translated their hop know-how and obsession with flavor into a new booze-free brew that still delivers an IPA craft-beer taste.

“For over a year, our brewers have been perfecting IPNA to make sure we got the taste just right,” said Jeremy Marshall, Head BrewMonster at Lagunitas. “IPNA has many of the familiar notes you’ll find in our other IPAs. It’s citrusy, piney and dank. The body is lighter, but there’s still enough bitterness and backbone to let you know you’re drinking a craft beer. I like to say that IPNA is all pleasure, no guilt. And the pleasure in IPNA isn’t the alcohol, it’s the hops.”

Currently, IPAs make up nearly 6% of the overall beer category, and customer demand for non-alcoholic options continues to increase. IPNA delivers on customer expectations for a non-alcoholic beer that has real flavor and taste.

IPNA is brewed with a wide variety of hops including Mosaic, Citra, Columbus, and loaded with Alberta barley and English crystal malt. Its appearance is almost identical to Lagunitas’ flagship IPA, and clocks in at 80 calories. Throughout the year-long development of IPNA, Lagunitas used its Petaluma, California TapRoom as a proving ground to test IPNA directly with customers to make sure the flavor was perfect before bottling it for the masses.

Lagunitas has already seen success in the non-alcoholic beverage space with Hoppy Refresher, a hop-infused sparkling water that has zero alcohol, zero carbs, and zero calories. Hoppy Refresher is currently the #1 craft N/A product on the market, and Lagunitas is writing the next chapter in its non-alcoholic innovation with IPNA.

Non-alcoholic beer has never been more popular in the U.S. than it is right now. Over 45% of American adults have now purchased a non-alcoholic beer, and over 30% of adults over 21 in the U.S. do not drink alcohol at all. Consumer interest in non- and low-alcohol options continues to rise, increasing more than 80% in the past two years. Moderation isn’t just a fad, it’s a lifestyle, and Lagunitas is proud to be launching IPNA, which appeals to a diverse set of consumers, from craft beer lovers, to wellness seekers, to athletes, and everyone in between.

IPNA starts rolling out nationally this week in 6-pack bottles, and costs about the same as Lagunitas’ flagship IPA.

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