Florida DOT Approves Econolite’s ZincBlue2 Battery Backup System

ANAHEIM, Calif.--()--Econolite, the leader in one-stop-shop traffic management, today announced its ZincBlue2 battery backup system (BBS) has been added to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Approved Products List (APL) under the 685-002-017 certification for Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). ZincBlue2 is the next-generation intelligent digital battery-based UPS solution that utilizes an innovative nickel-zinc chemistry. ZincBlue2’s nickel-zinc battery design is an environmentally-conscious alternative to lead-acid battery systems used to energize signalized intersections and IT equipment even when utility power is lost.

There are over 165 transportation agencies in 40 states and provinces that have now solidified their commitment to increasing safety, economic growth, and environmental sustainability by switching from lead-acid BBS to nickel-zinc-based BBS. ZincBlue2 significantly reduces operational costs, the risk of environmental hazards, and the use of other hazardous materials found in lead-acid batteries and lasts twice as long as traditional lead-based battery backup systems.

“We are very excited to receive the FDOT APL approval for the Econolite ZincBlue2 Battery Back-Up solution,” said Jim Madden, Econolite Director, Eastern Sales. “The Florida market now has a green, light-weight alternative to lead-acid-based BBS systems. We hope ZincBlue2’s nickel-zinc technology becomes the new standard for agencies to provide safe, sustainable, and recyclable backup solutions. In addition, with Florida’s unique climate, the ZincBlue2 five-year battery warranty and industry specific design will help get transportation agencies through the long summers and annual storm seasons safely with uninterrupted power to the intersections.”

ZincBlue2 is also half the size and weight of lead-acid batteries, fitting in the unused space of existing cabinets, so there are no additional mounting or external cabinet requirements.

For more information on ZincBlue2, visit: https://www.econolite.com/products/traffic-cabinets/accessories/

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Vincent Mayeda, vmayeda@econolite.com

Release Summary

Econolite's ZincBlue2 has been added to the Florida Department of Transportation Approved Products List under the 685-002-017 certification for UPS


Vincent Mayeda, vmayeda@econolite.com