Beyond.Inc is Reframing Fear to Create a Compelling New Leadership Style

The Best of Silicon Valley are Rethinking Fear for a Competitive Advantage

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Beyond.Inc, a leading strategic consulting organization focused on board-level advisory services and mentorship, today launched its suite of products designed to build a new generation of leaders. The Beyond.Inc approach uses psychology-based insights, coupled with leading business practices, to enable great leaders to make great organizations.

Under development for more than four years, including hundreds of hours of discussions with Silicon Valley leaders, the consistent issue addressed was fear. Fear impacts the leader, the team, and the entire organization if not addressed.

“Too often the obstacles in our path are put there by ourselves,” says Todd Wilms, CEO of Beyond.Inc “Institutions of higher learning are teaching practical business skills, but short-change students on the psychological aspects of leading and growing an organization.”

Beyond.Inc surveyed 1,000 U.S. business decision-makers and eight out of 10 (82%) responded they had some level of fear about starting something new (i.e., a new hobby, a new job/career), with 12% of fearful respondents listing a very fearful response.

Beyond.Inc’s approach focuses on removing obstacles and rethinking fear. Fear in leadership historically was viewed as something to tackle and control. However, with fear as an ally, leadership opens up to new possibilities and new innovations.

Features and benefits of the Beyond.Inc suite include:

  • Best Practices: delivers 60 high-profile voices to help new founders and organizations find their path through all the sticky parts of growing
  • Resource Book: Beyond Product delivers all the insights without all of the superlatives in this easy-to-digest playbook from over 150 of the best executives in Silicon Valley.
  • Professional Services: Pattern Recognition goes deep into the intersection of psychology and business to better equip new and progressive leaders in the marketplace.

“We found the Beyond.Inc approach and mentoring is significant for our up-and-coming leaders, as well as few seasoned veterans,” said Antonio Trincao, CEO of YouCan, a virtual experience event company. “The Beyond.Inc approach is built on trust, yielding both a strategic influence on the organization as well as directly strengthening our team to support our growth. We experienced tangible benefits to our leaders’ focus, communication, and collaboration with the organization. Essentially, they built us up and prepared us for the rocky journey of startup organizations.”

About is the alignment of three products and services, developed over four years, for promoting a new way of leading. From Board Advising, mentoring and strategic services with a focus on business psychology, Beyond.Inc helps develop and promote new talent and new organizations, including leaders from SAP, PwC, YouCan, Beazy, and GroomGuy.


Beyond.Inc surveyed a probabilistic sample with 95% confidence (+/- 3% margin of error), based on census data across 1,000 US citizens with a focus on business decision makers to achieve a level of highly reliable results and analysis.


Todd Wilms, Founder and CEO


Todd Wilms, Founder and CEO