Silicon Valley Multi-Million Dollar Kid Entrepreneur Shares Her Success Secrets

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Silicon Valley phenom, 12-year old Samaira Mehta, Inventor, and CEO of her own multimillion-dollar company, is repeating her highly acclaimed Boss Bizz program this December. Boss Bizz, winter edition, is Samaira’s global, online entrepreneurship program for kids, bringing together renowned entrepreneurs, providing mentorship and support to attendees, and teaching them how to create their own successful business, just like she did!

While COVID-19 brought tough challenges for many, Samaira leveraged the opportunity to reach a lot more people in every corner of the world more quickly because everything was virtual and online. These expanded global connections sparked the vision for Boss Bizz. “Youth have amazing perspectives, ideas, and mindset that deserve to be heard,” she says, “especially in challenging times like these.” Personally experiencing the ups and downs of creating and launching her own business, she has found a recipe to create a successful business. Now, Mehta shares secrets to others starting their own business through the Boss Bizz program!

The 2-week Boss Bizz course begins on December 19th. Daily, engaging, and educational workshops are personally led by Samaira including informative talks from other business leaders sharing their skills and advice on launching a company. Boss Bizz concludes with participants showcasing their newly enhanced skills by presenting their businesses to a panel of judges, competing for a $2,000 grand prize. Space is limited so register now:

Speakers and sponsors:

● Esther Wojcicki – GodMother of Silicon Valley, mother of Youtube CEO, 23&Me Founder, and top UCSF medical researcher, Co-Founder of Tract

● Maria Klawe – First female President of Harvey Mudd College

● Alyssa Carson - Youngest person certified to go to space

● And many other prominent speakers

● Sponsors – Arm, Play Like a Girl

About CoderBunnyz and Samaira Mehta:

In just a few short years, Samaira has received global recognition as a tech entrepreneur. Starting coding at age 6, founding her business at age 8, now, at age 12, she is a proven and established entrepreneur. CoderBunnyz, her multimillion-dollar company, is making coding fun for everyone. Samaira has spoken at over 70 conferences nationwide, including at the UN and MWC. World-wide tech giants like Google, SAP, Walmart, Facebook, Arm, Intel have provided immense support for her work as well.

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Silicon Valley Multi-million dollar kid entrepreneur shares her success secrets