Doctor Evidence (“DRE”) Named Member of The Trinity Challenge

AI-driven healthcare technology leader selected to participate in global initiative to better protect the world against health emergencies

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--DRE announced today that it has been selected as a Member of The Trinity Challenge.

The Trinity Challenge was launched in September 2020 by Dame Sally Davies, the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and former Chief Medical Officer of England, who believes the use of data and analytics in global public health can mitigate risks and response time in the battle against health emergencies such as COVID-19. The Trinity Challenge calls on people from around the world to submit their ideas to safeguard our health and economic systems from the threat of future global health emergencies.

Dame Sally Davies commented, “Data lies at the heart of The Trinity Challenge. As we battle this second wave of the virus, we must leverage insights which make use of data and advanced analytics to find unique solutions that help us better prepare for future health emergencies.

“I am delighted to welcome Doctor Evidence as a Member to The Trinity Challenge and am confident that Challenge teams will benefit significantly from access to their suite of solutions. I invite all researchers and analysts to work with Doctor Evidence to enhance their ideas with unparalleled insights from their analytics and proprietary data platforms.”

Challenge participants will provide ideas and concepts addressing at least one of three areas in which to improve the approach towards pandemic prevention and control, framed as: 1) better identification, 2) better response; and, 3) better recovery.

“The Trinity Challenge offers an incredible opportunity for Members and challenge teams to bring accelerated solutions, like broad-scale, industry-wide drug discovery and repurposing candidates forward to address COVID-19,” said DRE’s CEO Bob Battista.

Joseph A. Boystak, DRE’s Chairman of the Board, commented, “We are honored to become a Member of The Trinity Challenge along with such an exceptional group of Founding Members and Members under the leadership of Dame Sally Davies. This group of Members intends to form unique collaborations and partnerships to harness extraordinary skills, technologies and domain knowledge in data and data analytics to rapidly identify new methodologies and solutions to immediately combat COVID-19 and other global health threats and emergencies. DRE intends to fully collaborate with Trinity Challenge Members to innovate solutions to the pandemic through the use of its platform.”

DRE will join Founding Members and Members that span the public, private and academic sectors and include organizations such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the IHME, Google, Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, Optum, GSK, Palantir, the University of Cambridge, among others in this urgent pursuit of future preparedness. DRE will provide Challenge participants with its software platforms to help them generate further insights and scale solutions.

About The Trinity Challenge:
Preparedness for health emergencies requires more than just pharmaceutical interventions. It demands that we better identify, respond to, and recover from outbreaks before they cause great harm. COVID-19 has starkly shown the need for better preparation.

The Trinity Challenge is an initiative led by some of the world’s most prominent organisations from across the private, academic, and social sectors for the purpose of sourcing and scaling solutions that better protect one billion more people from future health emergencies. It is a call to action for the world’s best and brightest minds to contribute ideas and innovations, with £10M in awards for the best Challenge Teams. Questions cover economics, behavioural sciences, epidemiology, and many other disciplines. Founding Members and Members will contribute their data, resources, and time to catalyse and support the work of Challenge Teams.

About DRE:
DRE is a market leading company in the AI-enabled health technology marketplace that deploys state-of-the-art solutions to identify, synthesize, and analyze complex clinical data into actionable insights. DRE provides instant, continuous search and data analysis across critical functions of Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Life Sciences and Medical Technology companies to optimize their clinical programs. Its technology platform provides DRE's customers with a Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS") Insights Engine which empowers them to make better decisions from lab to patient.


Cathy Finley
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Cathy Finley
+1 (310) 595-1265